Amer Politics

  1. Alexander Hamilton
    Federalist 1790-1820
  2. Voter turnout
    the proportion of persons of voting age who actually vote in a given election
  3. What occurred after the Brown Decision?
    • Civil rights act of 1964
    • Voting rights Act 1965
    • Birmingham demonstrationsjj
    • I have a dream speech
    • March on Washington
  4. Women voting rights
  5. Movement for women's rights was initially aligned with
    the abolition movement
  6. Disadvantaged americans have generally gained their rights
    through struggle against entrenched interests
  7. Ross Perot
    Created a reform party called the reform party (a belief that partisam politics is a corrupting influence)
  8. Populist Party
    Government ownership of railroads, a graduated income tax, low tariffs on imports and no gold standards
  9. Ralph Nader
    2000 nominee Green Party - liberal positions on environment, labor, taxation and social walfare
  10. Minor party
    Followers believe they are not being adequately represented by either 2 mojor parties
  11. Prospective voting
    Chooses a candidate on the basis of what the candidate promises to do if elected
  12. Retrospective voting
    Based on a judgement about past performance. The situation in which a voter supports the incumbent office holder or party when pleased or oppeses it when not
  13. Social movement
    active & sustained efforts to achieve social & political change by groups of people who feel that gov has not been properly responsive to their concerns
  14. Public opinion poll
    A devise for measuring public opinion whereby a relatively small # of individuals (the sample) are interviewed for the purpose of estimating the opinions of a whole community (the population)
  15. Sampling error
    A measure of the accuracy of a public opinion poll. Mainly a function of sample size and is usually expressed in % terms
  16. Libertarians
    Those who believe gov tries to do too many things that should be left to firms and markets and who oppose gov as an instrument for upholding traditional values
  17. Populist
    Those who beleive gov should do more to assist people who have difficulty meeting their economic needs and who look to gov to uphold traditional values
  18. Ideology
    A constistent pattern of opinion on particular issues that stems from a core belief or set of beliefs
  19. Conservatives
    those who believe gov power shold be used to uphold traditional values
  20. Liberals
    Those who believe it is not gov's role to buttress traditional values at the expense of unconventional or new values
  21. De facto discrimination
    Discrimination that results from social, economic and cultural biases and conditions
  22. De Jure Discrimination
    Discrimination that result from a law
  23. Suffrage
    Right to vote
  24. Political socialization
    The process by which individuals acquire their political opinions
  25. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • Entitles all persons to equal access to bars resturants hotels etc
    • also bars discrimination in hiring promoting or wages
  26. March on Washington
    1963 I have a dream speech for jobs and freedom
  27. Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Ended racial barriers to vote ie: poll tax
  28. Factors affecting voter turnout
    • Registration requirements
    • Frequency of elections
    • political party system
  29. Civil Rights
    The right of every person to equal protection under the laws and equal access to societys opportunities and public facilities
  30. The accuracy of a poll is usually expressed in terms of
    Sampling error
  31. A memeber of congress who wants to act on what the maority of his constituency thinks on a particular issue would be best advised to resond to
    a poll based on a random sample of constituents
  32. Twenty-Six Amendment
    Right to vote for 18 year olds
  33. Twenty-Forth Amendment
    Poll tax removed as a voter qualification
  34. Nineteenth Amendment
    1920 Right to vote for women
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