2/10/11 points

  1. young actors theatre
    barnsbury street
  2. japan crescent
    crouch hill
  3. kingsway hall hotel
    great queen street
  4. albion gastro
    thornhill road
  5. covent garden hotel
    monmouth street
  6. montalm hotel london
    chiswell street
  7. half way to heaven
    duncannon street
  8. grand connaught rooms
    great queen street
  9. dishoom restaurant
    upper st martins lane
  10. mon plaisir restaurant
    monmouth street
  11. noel coward theatre
    st martins lane
  12. mercer street hotel
    seven dials/ mercer street upper part
  13. national liberal club
    whitehall court
  14. duke of york theatre
    st martins lane
  15. one twenty one two restaurant
    whitehall court
  16. nigeria high commission
    northumberland avenue/ great scotland yard
  17. watatsumi restaurant
    northumberland avenue
  18. duke of yhork square
    kings road
  19. richmond house
    parliment street
  20. napier court
    edenhurst avenue
  21. putney bridge station
    station approach/ raneleigh gardens sdol
  22. lodge hotel
    upper richmond road
  23. putney exchange
    putney high street
  24. clapham rail disaster memorial
    spencer park
  25. east putney house
    upper richmond road (opposite east putney station)
  26. roundhouse pub
    wandwsorth common n side (opposite spencer park)
  27. alra studios
    royal victoria patriotic building (john archer way)
  28. royal victoria patriotic building
    john archer way (off windmill road)
  29. st mary's cemetery (battersea cemetery)
    battersea rise/ bollingbrooke grove
  30. northcote lodge school
    bollingbroke grove
  31. st phillip square
    queenstown road
  32. lambeth college
    belgrove street/ wandsworth road
  33. lost theatre
    lambeth college (wandsworth road)
  34. santa maria lel sur restaurant
    queenstown road
  35. society bar
    wandsworth road
  36. artesian well pub
    wandsworth road
  37. south london pacific bar
    kennington road
  38. dickens square
    harper road
  39. masque haunt pub
    old street/ chiswell street
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2/10/11 points
2/10/11 points