Guardianship: Annual Acct

  1. Sec. 741. Annual Accounts Required
    Monica, as G of E must file:

    Inventory w/in 1.__
    Annual Accounting of the E w/in 2.__ of the expiration of 3.__ after the appt as G of E.

    And how often?
    • 1. 30 days after qualifies as G
    • 2. 60 days
    • 3. 12 months

    Annual Accounting due each year on anniversary of this date, until E is closed.
  2. Sec. 742. Action on Annual Accounts
    Annual Acctg shall be filed with the county clerk and must remain on file for ____ before court shall consider the AA, approve the AA by court order, and act with respect to unpaid claims as follows (2 pay or not 2 pay, that is the question):
    10 days

    estate wholly solvent - court order payment of all claims established by judgment, AND

    estate insolvent and G has any funds on hand, court order funds to pay all claims having preference in order of priority established by final judgment.
  3. Sec. 743. Reports of Guardians of Person
    Eva, as G of P must file:

    Annual Report of the P w/in 1.__ of the expiration of 2.__ after the appt as G of P.

    And how often?
    • 1. 60 days
    • 2. 12 months

    Annually for the duration of the Gshp; G may complete and file report w/o assistance of atty.
  4. Sec. 744. Penalty for Failure to File Acctg, Exhibits or Reports
    If Eva or Monica fail to file account, exhibit, or report, Court may order the G to file A/E/R and unless good cause is shown for the failure to file A/E/R, court may fine G up to 1.__, revoke letters of G, or 2.__.
    • 1. $1,000
    • 2. both
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