Inter molecular forces

  1. What do all ionic compounds have in common at room temperature?
    All ionic compounds are solid at room temperature.
  2. Which is weaker, the attraction between molecules or the attraction between ions?
    The attraction between molecules is weaker, attraction between ions is stronger.
  3. The attraction between ions is -always- stronger than the attraction between molecules.
    Just want to reinforce that.

    So even if a molecule has a lot of CHCHCHCH and is really big and has a decent dispersion force attraction to other molecules its size, H2O will still have a stronger attraction between it's molecules.
  4. What is dipole-dipole attraction?
    Molecules that have polar bonds are attracted to each other, the + on one attracted to the - on the other.

    Dipole-dipole attraction has little effect on compounds that contain halogens.
  5. What is hydrogen bonding?
    Bonds between a molecule with a negative O or N attatched to a positive H.

    The more N-H or O-H connections a molecule has the stronger the attraction will be between its molecules.
  6. What is the heirarchy of IMF bonds?
    Dispersion < dipole-dipole < hydrogen < ion-ion
  7. Molecules with lots of C and H atoms...
    are less soluble in water.
  8. Molecules that can form a lot of hydrogen bonds...
    are more soluble in water.
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Inter molecular forces
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