SF340 Gear and Brakes

  1. How many gear doors are there on each main gear? 12-1
  2. How are the main gear doors attached to the gear? 12-1
    2 doors mechanically linked and a 3rd door that is rigidly attached
  3. How is the gear door opened during preflight for inspection? 12-1
    Pull the release ring
  4. Does the gear swing forward or aft during retraction? 12-1
  5. What is used for normal Gear extension and retraction?
    Hydraulic pressure
  6. What centers the nose wheel for retraction? 12-2
    Centering cams within the strut
  7. What is used to lock the gear in the down position? 12-3
    Over center extension and Hydraulic pressure
  8. What locks the gear up? 12-4
    Mechanical up locks
  9. What is used to open the up lock during normal gear extension? 12-4
    Hydraulic pressure
  10. How many weight on wheel switches per main gear? 12-4
  11. How many weight on wheels on the nose gear? 12-4
  12. How is the gear retracted if a weight on wheel switch fails? 12-4
    By pressing the down lock release pushbutton
  13. What lights illuminate while pressing the gear test button? 12-4
    Left, Nose, Right main gear lights and an Amber gear lever light
  14. Which gear must be locked down for the Amber light to extinguish?
    All gear must be down and locked
  15. When is a CONFIG warning given for an unsafe Landing Gear condition? 12-4
    Any gear is not down and locked AND RA <500' AGL, or 1 or both power levers are below the 64 degree angle
  16. What altitude does the EGPWS provide "to low gear"? 12-4
    500' AGL
  17. At what flap angle with gear not down and locked is a CONFIG WARNING alert given? 12-4
    Greater than 15 degrees
  18. Which CWP light will illuminate if the gear is not locked down by 500' RA? 12-4
  19. What prevents gear retraction on the ground? 12-5
    A spring loaded latch pin
  20. What does pushing the Down lock release button do? 12-5
    Mechanically releases the latch pin
  21. What is used for emergency extension? 12-7
    Gravity, airflow, and assisted by springs
  22. Does the gear handle have to be in the down position for emergency EXTENSION? 12-7
  23. What's lost if Emergency extension is used and the gear handle is not down? 12-7
    Anti-skid arming
  24. After Emergency extension, will the gear doors be open or closed? 12-7
  25. During Emergency Extension, what seperates the gear doors from the actuating linkages? 12-7
    Explosive bolts
  26. How are the brake pads preflight checked? 12-9
    By observing the wear pins
  27. What determines if the brake pad wear indicators are within limits? 12-9
    If the indicators extend above the circular casing
  28. How are the brakes operated? 12-9
  29. How many brake systems are on the aircraft? 12-9
    2, Inboard and outboard brakes
  30. At what speed does the Anti-skid cut out? 12-10
    20 knots
  31. What protects the tire from over pressure due to brake temperatures? 12-10
    Pressure relief blow out plugs
  32. What is the purpose of the Anti-skid system? 12-10
    To limit brake pressure and avoid locked wheels
  33. How does the Anti-skid determine if a wheel is "skidding"? 12-10
    Compares inboard and outboard wheel speed
  34. What is required for Anti-skid operation? 12-11
    Anti-skid switch ON AND landing gear handle down AND PL below flight idle or WOW switch activated or Average Wheel Speed above 50kts
  35. What is touchdown brake protection? 12-12
    Prevents brake application for 3 seconds after main gear compression or wheel speed exceeds 50kts
  36. Can the brakes be set without getting a CWP light? 12-12
  37. Can the brakes be set without the PARK BRK ON CWP light illuminated? 12-12
    Yes, (1500psi sets the brake, 1700psi required for light to illuminate)
  38. At what psi does the PARK BRK ON light extinguish? 12-12
    Less than 900psi
  39. What psi is required for the PARK BRK ON light to illuminate? 12-12
  40. How is the parking brake set? 12-12
    Pulling the handle up, rotating 30 degrees clockwise, and pushing the brake pedals
  41. What does the lockout switch do to the nose wheel steering system? 12-13
    When activated, inhibits tiller function to prevent NWS activation during ground handling ops
  42. When must the nose gear pin be installed? 12-13
    During pushback or towing
  43. How many degrees of steering does the NWS provide? 12-13
    60 degrees either side of center
  44. What does pushing the tiller down do electrically? 12-13
    Electrically opens the steering shutoff valve
  45. What does pushing the tiller down do mechanically? 12-13
    Mechanically engages the tiller wheel
  46. What is the purpose of the C-Clip (gear pin)? 12-13
    Deactivates the steering system for ground handling
  47. What is the max steering deflection for operations? 12-13
    120 degrees or 90 degrees (depending on MOD)
  48. Can the nose wheel rotate all the way around? 12-13
  49. What is indicated by an illuminated Anti-skid CWP light? 12-20
    A system fault or gear is down with Anti-skid off
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SF340 Gear and Brakes
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