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  1. the anatomy of the eye from inside out
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  2. Know all the cells in the retina and their
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  3. Describe all the characteristics of the fovea
    • for a clear pathway to fovea, bipolar and ganglion cells must e displaced laterally
    • depression surrounding fovea in center of retina called the macula lutea
    • fovea only contains cones
    • ratio of rods to cones incr. farther frm the fovea
  4. Describe chemical components of phototransduction
    • Rhodopsin absorbs light and is made of opsin and retinal
    • the Gprotein transducin and enzyme phosphodiesterase are also present in the optic disc
  5. Describe the neural processing for vision
    • greater convergence btw photoreceptor and bipolar cell allows greater sensitivity
    • rods have greater convergence while cones are 1:1
  6. Describe the neural pathways for vision
    gamglion cells produce APs ; axons of ganglion cells form optic nerves ; nerves exit eye at optic disk ; combine in front of brainstem at optic chiasm ; nasal nerves cross over ; axons continue on in the optic tract ; terminate in the lateral geniculate nuclei of thalamus and signals proceed on to visual cortex
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INT PHYS EXAM1 studyguide3 EYE
INT PHYS EXAM1 studyguide3 EYE
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