353 F&E IV solutions

  1. What is a hypotonic IV solution?
    • -More water than electrolytes
    • -Water moves from ECF to ICF by osmosis
    • -Usually maintenance Fluids
  2. What is an isotonic solution?
    • -Expands only ECF
    • -No net loss or gain from ICF
  3. What is a hypertonic solution?
    • -Initially expands and raises the osmolality of ECF
    • -Requires frequent monitoring of BP, lung sounds, and serum sodium levels
  4. What is D5W?
    • -Isotonic
    • -Provides 170 cal/L
    • -Free water, moves into ICF, increases renal solute to excretion
    • -Used to replace water loss and hyponatremia
    • -Does not provide electrolytes
  5. What is Normal Saline (NS)?
    • -Isotonic
    • -No calories
    • -More NaCl than ECF
    • -30% stays in IV
    • -70% moves out of IV
    • -Does not change ICF
    • -preferred fluid for immediate response, risk for fluid overload
    • -Compatible with most meds
  6. What is Lactated Ringer's?
    • -Isotonic
    • -More similar to plasma than NS
    • -Has less NaCl, had K, Ca, Po34, lactate
    • -Expands ECF
  7. What is D5(1/2)NS
    • -Hypertonic
    • -Common maintenance fluid
    • -KCl added for maintenacne or replacement
  8. What is D10W?
    • -Hypertonic
    • -Provides 340 kcal/l
    • -Free water
    • -Limit of dextrose concentration may be infused peripherally
    • -Stay in vascular space and increase osmotic pressure
    • -Colloids- Albumin, Plasma, Commerical plasmas, packed RBCs
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353 F&E IV solutions
353 F&E IV solutions