GRE vocabulary

  1. avarice
    wealth or greed
  2. adumbration
    foreshadowing, or image of things to come
  3. opaque
    impossible to see through

    Related words: opacity, obscure
  4. zeal
    passion, excitement

    Related words: ardency, fervor
  5. fervid
    intensely emotional; feverish
  6. erudite
    learned, scholarly, bookish
  7. assuage
    to make something unpleasant less severe (to make more bareable)

    similar meanings: allay, appease, conciliate, mitigate, pacify, palliate, placate, propriate
  8. anomaly
    deviation from what is normal

    • related words: anomalous
    • simialr meaning: aberrance, aberration, preternaturalness
  9. enigma

    similar meaning: conundrum,perplexity
  10. equivocal
    undecided; trying to deceive

    similar meaning: ambiguous, evasive, waffling
  11. placate
    to soothe or pacify

    related words: placid, implacable

    similar meaning: appease, conciliate, mollify
  12. lucid
    clear and easily understood

    related words: lucidity, lucent

    similar meaning: clear, explicit, limpid
  13. lavish
    extremely generous
  14. prodigal
    lavish; wasteful

    similar meaning: lavish, profligate, spend thrift
  15. abstain
    to choose not to do something

    similar meaning: forbear, refrain, withhold
  16. adulterate
    to make impure
  17. apathy
    lack of interest or emotion

    similar meaning: impassivity, stolidity
  18. audacious
    fearless and daring

    similar meaning: plucky, valorous, gallant, intrepid, doughty, mettlesome, valiant
  19. capricious
    changing ones mind quickly

    similar meaning: arbitrary, erratic, mercurial, fickle, whimsical
  20. corroborate
    to provide supporting evidence

    similar meaning: authenticate, buttress, validate, substantiate
  21. desiccate
    to dry out thoroughly
  22. engender
    to produce, cause, or bring about

    similar meaning: beget, proliferate, spawn
  23. ephemeral
    lasting a short time

    similar meaning: evanescent, transient
  24. laconic
    using few words

    similar meaning: curt, terse, pithy
  25. laudable
    worthy of praise
  26. loquacious

    similar meaning: effusive, garrulous
  27. mitigate
    to soften; to lessen

    similar meaning: allay, mollify, palliate,
  28. pedant
    someone who shows off learning
  29. propriety
    correct behavior; obedience to rules and customs

    related word: appropriate

    similar meaning: decency, seemliness, decorum, modesty
  30. vacillate
    to sway physically; to be indecisive

    similar meaning: dither, oscillate
  31. volatile
    easily aroused or changeable; lively or explosive

    similar meaning: capricious
  32. antipathy
    extreme dislike

    smiliar meaning: animosity, aversion, repellence, animus, enmity
  33. bolster
    to support; to prop up

    similar meaning: buttress, underpin
  34. cacophony
    harsh, jarring noise

    similar meaning: discord, clamor, din
  35. deride
    to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock

    similar meaning: gibe, ridicule, jeer, scoff
  36. dissonance
    a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds

    similar meaning: dissension, contention, dissent, discord, dissidence
  37. enervate
    to reduce in strength

    similar meaning: debilitate, enfeeble, sap
  38. eulogy
    speech in praise of someone

    similar meaning: extol, laud
  39. garrulous
    tending to talk alot

    similar meaning: effusive, loquacious
  40. ingenuous
    showing innocence or childlike simplicity

    similar meaning: naive, guileless, unaffected
  41. misanthrope
    a person who dislikes others
  42. obdurate
    hardening in feeling; resistant to persuasion

    similar meaning: tenacious, transigent, recalcitrant
  43. ostentation
    excessive showiness
  44. paradox
    a contradiction or dilemma
  45. prevaricate
    to lie or deviate from the truth

    similar meaning: equivocaate, perjure
  46. venerate
    to respect deeply

    similar meaning: revere
  47. exuberantly
  48. acquiesced
    to give in
  49. candid
  50. inequitable
    not equal
  51. ignominious
  52. obsequious
    extremely respectful
  53. disparaging
    to cut down
  54. abatement
    a reduction
  55. revelry
    suggesting a party atmosphere
  56. homage
    expression of respect
  57. paean
    expressing respect and praise
  58. implacable
    (OPPOSITE OF PLACATE-to make peaceful)relentless; unable to be calmed down or made peaceful

    similar meaning: relentless, inexorable, unrelenting, intransigent
  59. Lament
    to express sorrow; to grieve

    similar meaning: bewail, deplore,
  60. Aggrieved
  61. intricate
    clever, having intellect
  62. esoteric
    known or understood by only a few
  63. perfunctory
    lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm
  64. curt
    rudely brief in speech
  65. disconcerting
  66. mundane
  67. apocryphal
  68. predicate
    declare; assert
  69. innocuous
  70. arcane
  71. ambivalent
  72. exhalation
    the act of exhaling
  73. Abscond
    to leave secretly; to flee or escape
  74. Abyss
    an extremely deep hole
  75. advocate
    to speak in favor of
  76. Aesthetic
    concerning the appreciation of beauty
  77. Aggrandize
    to increase in power, influence, and reputation
  78. Alleviate
    to make more bearable
  79. Amalgamate
    to combine; to mix together
  80. Ambiguous
    doubtful or uncertain
  81. Ameliorate
    to make better; to improve
  82. Anachronism
    something out of place in time
  83. Analogous
    similar or alike in some way; equivalent to
  84. Antagonize
    to annoy or provoke to anger
  85. Arbitrate
    to judge a dispute between two opposing parties
  86. Archaic
    ancient; old fashioned
  87. Ardor
    intense and passionate feeling
  88. Articulate
    able to speak clearly
  89. Attenuate
    to reduce; to weaken
  90. Austere
    severe or stern in appearance; undecorated
  91. Banal
    predictable, cliched, boring
  92. Bombastic
    pompous in speech and manner
  93. Castigate
    to punish or criticize harshly
  94. Catalyst
    something that brings about a change in something else
  95. Caustic
    biting in wit; clever
  96. Chauvinist
    someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs
  97. Chicanery
    deception by means of craft or guile; for example a used car dealer using crafty words to sell their cars
  98. Cogent
    convinsing and well-reasoned
  99. Condone
    to overlook, pardon, or disregard
  100. Convoluted
    intricate and complicated; complex
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