1. what is the thalamus known as?
  2. Acetylcholine needed for?
    voluntary muscle movement
  3. How do ppl get cerebral palsy
    trauma at birth
  4. What is the Hawthorne effect?
    Workers doing better because they are being watched
  5. what brain structure is involved in sleep/wake cycle?
    • reticular formation
    • thalamus
  6. what is protocol analysis?
    person is verbalizing thought process while performing task
  7. what is primary prevention
    stop before it happens
  8. what is secondary prevention?
    early treatment to fix problem
  9. what is tertiary prevention?
    reduction of future problems
  10. What is the Premack theory?
    • Grandma's rule
    • associate high frequency with low frequency bx
  11. What is the amygdala known for?
    • aggression (emotions)
    • temporal lobe
  12. What would you use for interrater reliability?
    Kappa coefficient
  13. How do you increase reliability?
    • more items
    • homogeneous items
  14. What is reciprocal Inhibition?
    • two states can't exist at same time
    • ex. one can't be relaxed and stressed at same time
    • counter conditioning
  15. How are decision made in rational-economic model?
    consider all possible choices
  16. Goal of Gestalt therapy?
    Increase awareness of self and environment and boundary between self and environment
  17. Hippocamus responsible for:
    • short term to long term memory (consolidation)
    • explicit memory: facts and events
  18. withdrawal from what drugs causes delirium?
    Downers: alcohol, sedatives, anxiolytics, hypnotics
  19. The "fight or flight" response is a function of the
    • sympathetic
    • nervous system
  20. Huntington's chorea symptoms
    • dementia,
    • motor disturbances involving rapid, involuntary jerky movements, along with an
    • initial change in affect
  21. Which of the following statements regarding long-term potentiation is most true?

    D) It takes place in the hippocampus where it affects learning and memory.
  22. RNA responsible for:
    • genetic decoding
    • memory
  23. Med for ADHD
  24. The Strong Interest Inventory is most valid for predicting
    occupational satisfaction
  25. An older brother helps his younger brother to build a fort by giving his brother verbal
    explanations and suggestions as they go. the researcher who would use this as an illustration of this theory is

    C) Vgotsky
  26. What did Vgotsky stress over Piaget?
    relationship with others in the family
  27. Alzheimer's is related to an under production of
  28. IPT (interpersonal therapy) believes that depression is primarily cause by
    disturbances in early life especially related to attachment
  29. When working with african-american families, Nancy Boyd-Franklin recommends:
    an ecostructural approach

    and a multisystems approach
  30. Group A consists of people whose measured interests are highly similar to interests of engineers. Group B consists of people whose measured interests are highly dissimilar to those of engineers. Which of the following statements would be justified, given that both Group A and Group B entered engineering?
    • a. Group A would be more likely to persist in the occupation
    • b. Group A and B would not differ in success at or satisfaction with the occupation
    • c. Group A members would be more likely to succeed in the occupation
    • d. Group B members would achieve levels of success equal to those of Group A, but would do so more slowly.
  31. Individuals with Moderate Mental Retardation:

    A. can be trained to perform unskilled work under close supervision
  32. Experimental studies of the relation between level of motivation and level of performance have shown:

    D. for a given task, there is an optimal level of motivation
  33. While the nature and extent of measured intellectaul decline during aging is not well established, a consistent finding is a/an:

    D. increase in response time
  34. From a Jungian standpoint, which of the following phenomena is taking place when contents of either the personal or collective unconscious are projected onto the analyst?

    A. transference
  35. The function of the correction for attentuation is to:

    B. estimate the correlation between two variables if one or both could be measured without error.
  36. Which of the following statements best paraphrases Thorndike's Law of Effect?

    D. A reward tends to increase the probability of recurrence of the response that it follows.
  37. In taking a personality inventory, some examinees can "fake good". What testing technique is probably the best correction for this response bias?

    A. using an empirically derived correction
  38. When subjected to moderate punishment, an instrumental response of moderate strength will:

    C. be suppressed
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