Chapter 7

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  1. Critical Thinking:
    Is a process and a set of skills.
  2. Reflection:
    Is a part of critical thinking that involves the process of purposefully thinking back and recalling a situation to discover its purpose or meaning.
  3. Intutition:
    Is the inner sensing or "gut feeling" that something is so.
  4. Scientific method:
    Solve problems using reasoning.
  5. Levels of critical thinking:
    • Basic
    • Complex
    • Commitment
  6. Basic:
    Thinking is concrete and based on a set of rules or principles.
  7. Complex:
    They analyze and examine choices more indepentently.
  8. Commitment:
    A person anticpates the need to make choices without assistance from others.
  9. Compentents of critical thinking:
    • Specific knowlegde base:
    • Experience
    • Competence
    • Attitudes
    • Standards
  10. General critical thinking processes:
    • Scientific method
    • Problem solving
    • Decision making
  11. Specific critical thinking competencies in clinical situations include:
    • Clinical inference
    • Diagnostic reasoning
    • Clincal decision making
  12. Clinical inference:
    Is a critical thinking skill in which you make tentative conclusions based on observed data or cues exisiting in patient situations.
  13. Clinical decision making::
    requires careful reasoning so that you choose the options for the best patient outcomes on the basis of the patients condition and priority of the problem.

    Assist in steing clinical priorities.
  14. What is the purpose of the nursing process?
    Is to diagnose and treat human responses to actual or potential health problems.
  15. Diagnostic reasoning:
    Is a process of using the data you gather, forming inferences and then logically explaining a clinical judgement.
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