1. sedulous
    (adj) hard work, consistently applied to the task at hand.
  2. herculean
    (adj) really difficult or really powerful
  3. stamina
    (n) endurance, the strength-whether physical or mental-to keep going
  4. meticulous
    (adj) painstaking care with details
  5. punctilious
    (adj) attention to every minute detail or point more intense than maticulous
  6. fastidious
    (adj) "overly exacting" "unnecessarily squeamish" more intense than punctilious and meticulous
  7. assiduous
    (adj) diligence, persistence.
  8. tenacious
    (adj) person holds on, whether to be an object, a goal, or a point of view
  9. alacrity
    (n) speedy and cheerful willingness to do something
  10. frenetic
    (adj) frenzied, wildly excited
  11. dotage
    (n) deterioration of mental faculties that comes with aging.
  12. venerable
    (adj) "commanding respect because of old age or dignity" sometimes religious connotation
  13. puerile
    (adj) "childish" "juvenile"
  14. wizened
    (adj) "dried up" "withered"
  15. pubescent
    (adj) "having reached puberty or the stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes capable of sexual reproduction" "covered with short hairs or soft down"
  16. dowager
    (n) "a widow who holds property or a title that comes from her deceased husband"
  17. senescene
    (n) "old age"
  18. callow
    (adj) "immature" "lacking adult experience" acting "baldly"-bluntly, without sophistication or sensitivity
  19. superannutaed
    (adj) "ineffective or outmoded because of advanced age"
  20. ingenue
    (n) "naive or innocent young woman"
  21. ardor
    (n) burning passion or fiery devotion
  22. zealot
    (n) extreme passion or devotion, sometimes excluding everything else
  23. amorous
    (adj) particular kind of passion-love or sexual attraction.
  24. fervent
    (adj) burning with enthusiasm
  25. fanatical
    (adj) possessed by enthusiasm to the point of being irrational.
  26. manic
    (adj) passion to the point of madness. symptoms include excessive gaiety, loss of sleep, wildly irrational behavior.
  27. evangelical
    (adj) religious passion, ardent or crusading enthusiasm for something.
  28. vehement
    (adj) intense emotion or conviction
  29. effusive
    (adj) "unrestrained in emotional expression" "gushy" passionate about something
  30. hell-bent
    (adj) recklessly determined to do or achieve something. ardent, zealous, or fervent people are hell-bent
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