Vocab #8 from Omnivores Dilemma

  1. discomfit -Verb
    • to defeat, to put into a state of perplexity and embarrassment (to make
    • self-conscious, to humiliate, to make shy/uncomfortable),
    • to frustrate the plans of (thwart)
    • discomfittingly=adv discomfiter=noun
  2. elide-Verb
    • to leave out of consideration (omit),
    • to suppress or alter a vowel or syllable, to strike out
    • elision=noun?
  3. panoply-Noun
    • A magnificent or impressive array,
    • something forming a protective covering like a full suit of armor
    • panoplied=adj.
  4. perambulate-Verb
    • to travel over or through esp. on foot,
    • to make an official inspection (of a boundary) on foot
    • perambulation=noun, perambulatory=adj.
  5. Proustian-adj.
    • Proust is a French novelist that lived from 1871-1922. He
    • was considered one of the best novelists of his time, and was one of the
    • first people to write openly about homosexuality.
  6. vicissitude-Noun
    • the quality or state of being changeable,
    • natural change or mutation visible in nature or human affairs,
    • an event or a situation that occurs by chance, a fluctuating
    • state or condition
    • vicissitudenous=adj.
  7. Faustian-adj.
    • Referring to Faust,
    • especially made/done for present gain
    • without considering future costs/consequences
  8. predilection-Noun
    • an established preference for
    • something (bias, predisposition)
  9. constituent
    • one who authorizes another
    • to act as an agent, an essential part/component of something
    • also a noun, constituently=adv
  10. ineluctable-adj.
    • not to be avoided, changed, or resisted (inevitable)
    • ineluctability=noun, ineluctably=adv.
  11. auspicious-adj.
    • favored by fortune, promising success
    • auspiciously=adv., auspiciousness=noun´╗┐´╗┐
  12. encomium-Noun
    • glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise,
    • a tribute
  13. neophyte-Noun
    a new convert, a novice or beginner
  14. amalgamate-Verb
    • to unite, to merge into a single body,
    • to mix or combine
    • amalgamator=noun, amalgamable and amalgamative=adj.
  15. diatribe-Noun
    • a bitter and abusive speech or writing,
    • ironic or sarcastic criticism,
    • a bitter and sharp denunciation
  16. conceit-Noun
    • a fanciful idea/thought or opinion,
    • an elaborate metaphor,
    • especially appreciative of one’s own worth
    • Verb-to flatter (esp. oneself) to have a good opinion of
  17. redound-Verb
    • to have a good or bad effect/result as to the
    • advantage or disadvantage of a person or a thing,
    • to come back and honor or dishonor a person
  18. jettison-Verb
    • to get rid of/omit of as superfluous (unnecessary)
    • Noun-a voluntary sacrifice of cargo to lighten a ship’s load
    • jettisonable=adj.
  19. blandishment-Noun
    • something that tends to coax or cajole
    • (allurement, persuasion)
  20. putative-adj.
    • commonly accepted or supposed,
    • assumed to exist or have existed
    • putatively=adv.
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