H&S Ch1

  1. Where was the Archives of the History of American Psychology established and why?
    • University of Akron Ohio
    • To collect and preserve source materials
  2. Time period of Plato, Aristotle and other Greek philosophers
    5th Century BC
  3. John B. Watson
    • Founder of Behaviorism school of thought
    • Before he died, burned all of his letters, manuscripts and research notes--destroyed all unpublished record.
  4. Robert Hooke
    Research with microscope on bacteria and spermatozoa in 1600s
  5. Fechner
  6. Ebbinghaus
    Learning and memory
  7. Freud
    • Cocaine
    • Ernest Jones--first biographer minimized his cocaine use
  8. Kohler
  9. Eleanor Gibson
    • Perceptual Development and Learning
    • Fought discrimination against women in the sciences
  10. Sandra Scarr
    Psychologist who had to work ten years to be taken seriously as a woman in the field.
  11. Abraham Maslow
    Urged to change his first name to something "less Jewish" and he refused to do so
  12. France Sumner
    First African American to earn a doctorate in psychology
  13. Kenneth and Mamie Clark
    • Northside Center for Child Development
    • Columbia University PhDs
    • African American
    • Subjected to racism
    • Provided services for to children at the NCCD
    • Kenneth was first African American president of the APA
  14. Personalistic Theory of scientific history
    achievements and contributions of specific individuals
  15. Naturalistic theory
    • the times make the person
    • the zeitgeist or conditions make it possible for the person's contributions to be noticed
  16. Thomas Kuhn
    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions 1970
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