Spirit Airport Term - extra practice

  1. ELT
    Emergency Locator Transmitter
  2. ETA
    Estimated Time of Arrival
  3. OCC
    Operation Control Center: department that crews, schedules, loads & dispatches all flights
  4. APU
    Auxillary Power Unit
  5. FAR
    Federal Aviation Regulation
  6. FFDO
    Federal Flight Deck Officer: a trained, licensed pilot who carries a firearm while operating an aircraft
  7. CRO
    Complaint Resolution Official
  8. CASS
    Cockpit Access Security System
  9. Direct Flight
    Has one flight number...1 or more stops
  10. PTT
    Push to Talk
  11. Ca or CAPT or Captain
    is the PIC: Pilot in Command...operates the aircraft. Resonsible for rest of the crewmembers
  12. ECAM
    Electric Centralized Aircraft Monitoring: a system that monitors the state of aircraft systems & delivers indations & warnings to pilots.
  13. Tarmac
    Paved portion of a secured airport area other than the ramp. Includes Runways, taxiways & remote areas.
  14. Ramp
    The immediate area around the aircraft when parked
  15. Altitude
    Distance in feet above Mean Sea Level
  16. CBA
    Collective Bargaining Aggreement
  17. CSA
    Customer Service Agent
  18. Bulkhead
    Any dividing wall or partition on an aircraft
  19. Domicile
    Home base
  20. Dx
    Dispatch: The department responsible for dispacting flights, determining suitibility of operational facilities & the safe operation of each flight.
  21. Mx
  22. ISC
    Inflight Security Coordinator
  23. Ops (Operations)
    The company office in an airport concerned with the loading & working of flights.
  24. Hub
    An airport where a large percentage of an airlines flights connect.
  25. SIDA
    Secure Identification Display Area
  26. ACP
    Area Call Panel
  27. MRT
    Manual Release Tool
  28. XFA
    Extra Flight Attendant
  29. ACARS
    Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
  30. CIDS
    Cabin Intercommunication Data System
  31. Aft
    Toward or near the rear of the aircraft or a fixed object
  32. CRM
    Crew Resourse Management: the effective use of all resourses...humanware, hardware & software to achieve safe, efficieint flight operations
  33. AIP
    Attendant Indication Panel
  34. PA
    Public Addressing System
  35. FAM
    Federal Air Marshall
  36. SSI
    Security Sensitive Information
  37. ABA
    Able-bodied Assistant
  38. ATC
    Air Trafic Control: a service of authority to promote safe, orderly & expedious flow of air trafic
  39. ACM
    Additional Crew Member
  40. AAP
    Aft. Attendant Panel
  41. GSC
    Ground Security Coordinator
  42. PIC
    Pilot In Command - always the captain...has final authority.
  43. FAP
    Forward Attendant Panel
  44. TSA
    Transportion Security Administration
  45. Check-in Time
    The time a light attendant reports for flight duty
  46. Check ride
    A flight where your performance is evaluated.
  47. Deadhead
    Transportation of crew back to home base or to cover a trip
  48. Inboard
    Near or closest to center aisle of plane
  49. Interphone
    Phone at each cabin crew station for calls between cabin crew & flight crew
  50. Jetway
    Enclosed tunnel-like passageway between the A/C & the terminal gate.
  51. OHB
    Overhead Bin
  52. Outboard
    Near or closer to the outside of the aircraft
  53. OWE
    Overwing Exit
  54. PAX
  55. Ramp
    The immediate area around the plane when parked
  56. TSA
    Transportation Security Administration
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Spirit Airport Term - extra practice
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