Chem Chp 3&4

  1. Positively charged ions
  2. Negatively charged ions
  3. Valence electrons are related to the ________ number of the element
  4. What two properties does the valence electrons have
    • They determine the chemical properties of the elements
    • Are the electrons in the highest energy level
  5. What shape is the p orbital
    Two lobed shaped
  6. What shape is the s orbital
    Spherical shape
  7. How many electrons are in the s orbital
  8. How many electrons are in the p orbital
  9. How many electrons are in the d orbital
  10. How many electrons are in the f orbital
  11. In regards to the energy levels what do the periods represent
    How many orbitals
  12. In regards to the energy levels what does the group represent
    How many electrons in the last orbital
  13. What are the properties of metals
    • Shiny
    • Ductile
    • Good conductors of heat and electricity
  14. What are the properties of nonmetals
    • Dull
    • Briitle
    • Poor conductors
    • Good insulators
  15. What are the properties of metalloids
    • Semiconductors
    • Insulators
  16. Group 8A
    Noble gases
  17. Group 7A
  18. Group 1A
    Alkali metals
  19. Group 2A
    Alkaline earth metals
  20. Groups are arranged
    In vertical columns
  21. Periods are arranged in
    horizontal rows
  22. The atomic mass is the
    average of the isotopes
  23. A nuclear symbol has the ____ number in the upper left corner and the ____ number in the lower left corner
    • Mass number
    • Atomic number
  24. Isotopes are the
    atoms of the same element that have different mass numbers
  25. The mass number
    Is equal to the protons plus the neutrons
  26. The atomic number is equal to the
    number of protons
  27. Like charges ____ and unlike charges____
    • Repel
    • Attract
  28. Atomic size is described using
    the atomic radius
  29. The Atomic radius within a group increases
    going down each group
  30. The atomic radius within a group decreases
    going up each group
  31. The atomic radius across a period ________ as it goes left to right
  32. Ionization energy
    The energy it takes to remove a valence electron
  33. The ionization energy in a group ______ as it goes up a group
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Chem Chp 3&4
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