1. Gaming sense
    The ability to sense things in games, simply because of predictable, long-standing game cliches. My gaming sense tells me that this innocuous red barrel will explode if thrown.
  2. sexercism
    Having sex with someone new to get over someone old. A way to cut any last emotional ties to a person you used to have sex with. A non-religious, therapeutic exercise. Person 1: She needs to get over her ex already! Person 2: Yeah, she needs a sexercism real fast.
  3. Joined at the Dick
    At least two heterosexual men or 'bros' who cannot be mentioned without the other because they never leave each other's side. "Hey! Did you see Jim today?" "You mean Jim and Tony, right?" "Oh yeah, I forget they're joined at the dick"
  4. unlightening
    A process of "learning" something that makes you feel dumber.
  5. Bowl Echo
    The awesome sound produced by letting one off whilst sitting on the toilet.
  6. masternap
    The act - either planned or unplanned - of falling to sleep after masturbating. I was just going to rub one out, but I ended up masternapping for an hour.
  7. spending amnesia
    Trying to recall where and when you spent all your money normally when that said money is needed. Occurs because of bad spending habits and fucking awesome party nights.
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