Gov Terms 3

  1. Expressed Powers
    Powers in the constitution specifically granted to one of the branches of the national government
  2. Implied Powers
    Powers inforced from expressed powers that allow Congress to carry out its functions
  3. "Necessary and Proper" Clause
    • Article 1, section 8: Congress has the right to make all laws "Necessary & Proper" to carry out its constitutional duties, in addition to implied powers
    • (Elastic clause)
  4. Inherent Powers
    The powers of the national government in foreign affairs that the supreme court has declared do not depend on constitutional grants, but grow out of the very existence of government
  5. Commerce Clause
    Constitutional clause that gives congress the power to regulate business activities that cross state lines
  6. Federal Mandate
    A requirement that the federal government imposes as a condition of recieving federal aid
  7. Concurrent Powers
    Powers the constitution gives to both national and state governments
  8. Extradition
    Legal process whereby an alleged criminal is surrendered by the officials of one state to officials of the state where the crime is alleged to have been committed
  9. Preemption
    The right of a federal law or regulation to preclude the enforcement of a state or local law or regulation
  10. Direct Orders
    Federal regulations which must be complied with under threat of criminal or civil sanction
  11. Cross Cutting Requirements
    Federal grants may establish certain conditions that extend to all activities supported by federal funds
  12. Crossover Sanctions
    Sanctions permit the use of federal money in one progran to influence state and local policy in another program
  13. Linkage Institution
    Anything that expresses your political preferences
  14. Sound Bites
    30 second statement on the evening news shows; the media is often accused of simplifying complicated political issues by relying on sound bites to explain them to the public
  15. Photo Ops
    Photo opportunities set up by political candidates
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