english vocab 3

  1. augustan age
    • named for the reign of augusts (27 BC- AD 14) and first third of 18th century.
    • ex. ovid, horace, vergil, addison, steele, swift, pope
  2. ballad
    story told in song passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation; have refrain, incremental repition, four line stanzas with iambic pentameter and abcb rhyme scheme
  3. bard
    celtic for "poet;" old english for poet who sang oral poetry in England
  4. baroque
    eccentric or lavishly ornate in style, music, art or architecture of the 17th century
  5. bathos
    lapse into ridiculous by a poet aimed at evoking pathos (bathos = bad)
  6. beast fable
    • narrative in which animals and birds speak and behave like human beings ina short tale usually illustrating some moral point
    • ex: aesop
  7. beat generation
    • group of american writers of the 1950's residing in San Fransico sharing an anti-rational bias, experimenting in drugs, Whitmanesque style, pacifism, the belief that american society is in a very bad way
    • ex: allen ginsberg, gregory corso, jack kerouac, lawrence felinghetti
  8. bildungsroman
    • kind of writing that follows the development of the hero or heroine from childhood into adulthood/troubled quest for identity
    • ex: lord of the flies, all quiet on the western front
  9. bombast
    extravagantly inflated and grandiloquent diction, disproportionate to its subject (bombastic)
  10. bowdlerize
    to censer from a literary work those passages considered to be indecent or blasphemous; derrived from Dr. Thomas Bowdler whos published in 1818 The Family Shakespeare
  11. prosaic
    adj; belonging to or suitable for everyday world
  12. fractious
    adj; readily angered, unruly, irritable
  13. savant
    noun; one who knows everything
  14. thwart
    verb; to oppose succesfully, prevent from accomplishing
  15. plethora
    noun; to be full, overabunace, excess
  16. rampant
    adj; widespread absence of restraint
  17. quixotic
    adj; idealistic to an unrealistic degree
  18. noisome
    adj; offensive or disgusting
  19. sanctimonious
    adj; making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety or righteousness
  20. hibernal
    adj; pertaining to winter
  21. sophomoric
    adj; conceited, immature
  22. foppish
    adj; describes men in vain appearance or dress
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