Bib Lit Part 3: Creation

  1. What 2 contrasting elements does Genesis 1-11 contain?
    • God's orderly creation
    • the totally disintegration work of sin
  2. What does the total disintegrating work of sin then require?
    God's intervention
  3. How was the election of a people that would serve as the source of blessing for all humanity done?
    focusing on one man and his seed
  4. How do see that God's relationship with the human race is broken?
    God making a plan of redemption
  5. what are the 4 various views of creation
    • gap theory
    • theistic evolution
    • progressive creationism
    • young earth creationism
  6. what is the gap theory?
    • there is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2
    • this is where Satan rebells against God and brought sin to earth
  7. young earth creation
    • theistic
    • 144 hour creation, 6 days
    • the earth is young
    • miraculous
  8. progressive creation
    • theistic
    • old earth
    • natural plus miraculous
  9. theistic evolution
    • theistic
    • old earth
    • only natural minus the miracle at the beginning
  10. what are the 2 components of man's makeup?
    • physical element: "from the dust"
    • spiritual element: "breath of God"
  11. When the fall happened what 4 relationships were broken?
    • relationship with man
    • relationship with creation
    • relationship with God
    • relationship with yourself
  12. How does God respond to sin?
    • judgement
    • salvation
  13. What is God's judgment always accompanied with?
    his salvation
  14. What are the 2 purposes of judgment?
    • retribution
    • restoration
  15. What were the dimensions of the ark
    • 450 ft long
    • 75 ft wide
    • 45 ft deep
    • covers one and a half football field
  16. what kind of wood was the ark made with?
    cypress covered in pitch
  17. how much did the ark weigh?
    43,000 tons
  18. how far above the water rise above the mountains?
    20 ft
  19. what are some evidences for the flood?
    • earth's crust has massive amounts of layered sediment
    • they were once soft but now they're hard
    • the sediment has a ton of dead things that were burried very quickly
  20. what do almost all geologists agree about the Grand Canyon?
    it was carved by water
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