Test 2

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  1. anorexia
    lack or loss of appetite for food
  2. anthropometric
    measurement of the body and body parts
  3. BMI body mass index
    ration of height to weight
  4. calorie
    • measure of heat or energy..kilocalorie
    • amount of heat required to raise 1 kg of water 1c
  5. carbohydrate (CHO)
    organic compound, sugars and starches. most abundant and least expensive source of calories
  6. dehydration
    decreased water volume in body tissue
  7. edema
    accumulation of fluid in extracellular spaces
  8. electrolytes
    substance capable of breaking into ions and developing an electric charge
  9. enternal nutrition
    optional form of eating , passing a tube into the gastrointestinal tract
  10. macromineral
    mineral that is needed by the blood in amount in amounts greater than 100mg/day
  11. micromineral
    mineral of a trace element that is needed by the body in an amount less than 100mg/day
  12. nutrient
    biochemical substance used by the body for growth developement, activity etc
  13. protein (CHON)
    vital component of every living cell. composed of c,h,o,& n
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