Test 2

  1. cystocopy
    visual examination of the bladder, ureteral orfices and uretha w/ cytoscope
  2. dysuria
    difficulty voiding, pain possible
  3. enuresis
    involuntary urination
  4. frequency
    increased incidence of voiding
  5. hematuria
    blood in urine
  6. hesitancy
    delay or difficulty in initial voiding
  7. indwelling urethral catheter (Foley)
    catheter that remains in place for continuous urine drainage
  8. kegel exercises
    repititious contraction & relaxation of puboccogeal muscle to improve vaginal tone
  9. micturation
    process of emptying the bladder
  10. nocturia
    excessive urination during the night
  11. oliguria
    scanty or greatly diminished amount of urine voided in a given time
  12. post void residual (PVR)
    urine that remains in the bladder after the act of maturation
  13. polyuria
    excessive amount of urine (Diursis)
  14. stress incontinence
    person experiencing loss of urine less than 50ml with increased abdominal pressure
  15. texas or condom catheter
    tube for draining urine
  16. urinary incontintnce
    any involuntary loss of urine
  17. urinary retention
    inability to void although urine is produced by kidneys & enters bladder.
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