Bio unit 2 pt 1

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  1. plasma membrane fnctions
    • includes the lipid bilayer plus protiens and chlesterol
    • keep cell contents in
    • regulate movement of materials in and out
    • permit communication with other cells
    • attach to other cells
    • control biochemical reactions- metabolism
  2. plasma membrane structure
    The Fluid Mosiac Model - membrane is fluid. components remain the same. various protiens float in the phospholipid bilayer
  3. How do membrane structure and function work together?
  4. Membrane Fluidity determined by
  5. Membrane protiens: the mosaic
  6. glycoprotiens
  7. cholesterol in membrane
  8. receptor protiens
  9. reconition protiens
  10. enzymes
  11. attachment protiens
  12. transport protiens
  13. membrane transport types
  14. passive/active transport
    passive- water, dissolved gas (02, Co2), nonpolar or lipid soluble molecules. Vits A, D, E, steroids, lipids. Diffusion and Facilated diffusion

    active- larger particles, phagocytosis

    both- membrane being selectively permeable. concentration gradients across cell membrane
  15. facilated diffusion
    • passive transport
    • polar molecules/ ions that bond with H20- monosaccharides, K, Na, Cl, Ca2
    • Use transport protiens
    • Protiens are size/charge slective for their target molecule
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