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  1. To whom does Beowulf give the giants sword
  2. What is depicted on the handle of the giants sword
    War between good and evil, The flood, the owners name {in runes}
  3. What does Hrothgar warn Beowulf about, What is his message
    Dont be full of pride and prepare for old age
  4. What promise does Beowulf make in his farewell speech?
    If hrothgar should ever need him he would come with 1000 soldiers
  5. How does Hrothgar say good bye to Beowulf
    He is quite tearfull
  6. Who is Higilacs Queen
  7. To whom is Higilacs queen compared to?
  8. What does Beowulf tell Higilac about Freaw
    She was sent to marry Ingled
  9. What does Beowulf give Higilacs queen?
    A necklace and horses
  10. What does Higilac give Beowulf
    7000 hides of land, and his grand fathers sword
  11. When does Beowulf become king of the Geats
    Higilac and his son Herdred die in battle
  12. How long does Beowulf rule Geatland
    Till the fire Dragon awoke
  13. What is the last challenge Beowulf must face
    A fire dragon
  14. What is the story of the dragons treasure
    A long dead race of people placed it there and the dragon found it
  15. What does the Dragon do in retaliation of his treasure being stolen
    Torches the landscape
  16. What were some of Beowulfs adventures since he returned to Geatland
    He fought the Frisians
  17. What are the details of Beowulfs early life
    He was considered slow and lazy
  18. who is the "he" being refered to in the begining of chapter 35
  19. What is Beowulfs final Boast
    That he had never known fear and would continue to search for fame and fortune
  20. How will beowulf plan to fight the dragon
    He plans to take its fire from it
  21. How does Beowulf approach the Dragon
    He lets out a might battle cry
  22. What happens to Beowulfs sword and sheild
    The sword cracks and the sheild melts
  23. Who is the only one of Beowulfs men who stays
  24. What does wiglaff say to the other men
    that they deserve to die and they would be exiled
  25. What happens when wiglaf attacks the dragon
    His shield is burned to ashes
  26. How is beowulf wounded
    The dragon sticks his husk in beowulfs neck
  27. How does wiglaf wound the dragon and what does Beowulf do after
    Wiglaf staps him in the chest and beowulf slices him with his dagger
  28. Why is Beowulfs wound so bad
    The dragon is poisonous
  29. What does wiglaf do for beowulf
    He pours water on his face to wake him
  30. What does beowulf ask wiglaf to do
    Build a funeral pyre and to gather all of his treasure
  31. What is beowulf final wish
    That a large tower be eracted in his honor
  32. What does the herald tell the people of geatland
    That beowulf is dead and they will be attacked
  33. Describe the battle of Ongentho and Higilac
    Efor and wulf killed ongentho and higilac rewarded them
  34. Why will they burn the dragons treasure
    because no one else deserves it and it is cursed
  35. Describe the funeral of beowulf
    Everyone lamnented their fallen king, and songs were sung of endless sadness and prophasy
  36. Describe beowulf tower
    It was the tallest in the land
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