Vocabulary 3

  1. Prowess
    Bravery; daring; strngth; unusual skill or ability
  2. Venerable
    Deserving respect because of age, dignity, or character; honored above others; worthy or reverence
  3. Medieval
    Belonging to the Middle Ages; Characteristic of the Middle Ages; gothic
  4. Hereditary
    Of or passed down by inheritance from an ancestor; transmitted from partent to child
  5. Amity
    Friendship; Peaceful relations, as between countries
  6. Potions
    A liquid with special powers, especially one used as a poison, medicine, or magic
  7. Devout
    Deeply religious; sincere; earnest; heartfelt
  8. Chilvalry
    A medieval code of knighthood; a code of honor and courtesy
  9. Sovereign
    A ruler; kind; queen; emperor; highest in power or rank
  10. Quest
    A hunt or search; a journey in search of; seek
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