Vocabulary 5

  1. Agitation
    A violent shaking; an emotional disturbance or excitement; the arousal of public interest in social or political issues
  2. Apparition
    A ghost; a phantom; an appearance seen suddenly
  3. Cope
    To deal with; to handle problems or difficulties
  4. Moors
    A large, open area of land, often marshy with heather growing on it; to keep a boat in place with ropes or cables fastened to the shore; to fasten
  5. Palatial
    Like a palace; magnificent and grand
  6. Plaintive
    Mournful; melancholy; sad; sorrowful
  7. Obsession
    A preoccupation; an idea, feeling, or impulse that a person cannot escape
  8. Genealogy
    An account of the descent of a person or family from ancestors; lineage
  9. Benefactor
    A person who has given help; a patron
  10. Aloof
    Cool or distant in relationships with others; indifferent
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Vocabulary 5