Chapter 1

  1. interactions between roacks, water, gases ,sediments and living plants and animals that are powered by solr energy and gravity are known as:
    biogeochemical processes
  2. geologists recognize improtance of:
    • human need to use resources
    • conserving natural resources
  3. in order to manage resources sustainably you need to :
    plan for depletion and replacement
  4. Peak oil
    wont run out but will get expensive
  5. global warming
    climate changes
  6. soil erosion
    65% earths soil degraded by erosion
  7. fresh water
    drought, pollution and oversue threatens water resources
  8. economic minerals
    hard to find and increased demand can make unaffordable
  9. inductive reasoning
    used to formulate hypothesis
  10. deductive reasoning
    generate testable prediction based on hypothesis
  11. ______ controls geology of earths surface
    plate techtonics
  12. what does theory of plate techtonics explain?
    • distributions rock typs and fossils across oceans basin
    • chain of volcanice islands
    • past existance of supercontinent pangea
  13. Image Upload 1
    Harry Hess's theory of seafloor spreading solved problem
  14. _____ is a solid aggregation of minerals
  15. what are 3 types of rocks
    • igneous
    • metamorphic
    • sedimnetary
  16. how are igneous rocks formed?
    formed from magma cooling
  17. how are metamorphic rocks formed?
    by high pressure and heat
  18. how are sedimentary rocks formed?
    despostion of sediment
  19. geoligists study dangerous material known as _______
    geological hazards
  20. what are materials that occur in nature and are essential or useful to humans?
    natural resources
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