Rehab Techniques

  1. Adoption of alternative strategies to complete a task.
  2. Ability of the brain to change and repair itself.
  3. Secondary systems which start to operate when the primary system breaks down.
  4. Areas of the brain reprogram.
    Functional substitution
  5. Enriched _______ assist in brain development, maintenance of brain function and brain repair.
  6. 1. Mobility
    2. Static postural control
    3. Dynamic postural control
    4. Skill
    Categories of Essential Motor Skills
  7. Movement in a stable or predictable environment.
    Closed skill
  8. Movement in a changing or unstable environment.
    Open skill
  9. Task specific - not generalized to other tasks or similar tasks.
    Splinter skill
  10. Defined as "an abstract representation that, when initiated, results in the production of a coordinated movement sequence."
    Motor program
  11. An idea or plan for purposeful movement that is made up of several component motor programs.
    Motor plan
  12. Different areas of the brain take over functions of the damaged tissue.
  13. Recovery after temporary blocking factors are removed, e.g. edema, decreased blood flow, after spinal shock.
  14. Areas of the brain reprogram.
    Functional reproduction
  15. What are the 5 suggested mechanisms of neuroplasticity?
    • 1. Vicariance
    • 2. Diaschisis
    • 3. Redunduncy
    • 4. Functional substitution
    • 5. Nerve growth and brain repair
  16. What are the Categories of Essential Motor Skills?
    • 1. Mobility
    • 2. Static postural control or stability
    • 3. Dynamic postural control
    • 4. Skill
  17. Defined as the number of separate independent dimensions of movement that must be controlled by engaging these cooperative units of muscle action.
    Degrees of freedom
  18. Defined as obligatory, highly stereotyped mass patterns of movement.
    Abnormal mass synergies
  19. The ability to move from one position to another independently and safely.
  20. The ability to consistently perform coordinated movement sequences for the purposes of investigation and interaction with the physical and social environment.
  21. Defined as "behavioral substitution, that is, alternative behavioral strategies are adopted to complete a task."
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