test 3

  1. barium enema
    • dye
    • put in through anal are
  2. barium swallow
    swallowed and allow to collect in GI
  3. GI series
    • upper and lower
    • xrays of areas with dye
  4. cholecystography
    • ingesting a contrast medium
    • can be inerveiniously, into vein
  5. colonoscopy
    insert tube into anal area to look at colon
  6. esophagogastroduodenscopy EGD
    • spray into throat
    • looking at esophogus stomach and intestines
  7. esophascopy
    looking at throat
  8. gastroscopy
    looking at the stomach
  9. protosigmoidoscopy
    • rectum and sigmoid area
    • looking for polyps or hemmoroids
  10. sigmoidoscopy
    looking at the last part of large intestines
  11. guaiac
    • blood test to see if bloods in feces
    • strip turns purple
    • one of the first tests
  12. stool culture
    • taking fecal material
    • putting into a petri dish and seeing what grows of it
  13. anastomosis
    • bowel resection
    • new creation or connection between two organs
  14. cecectomy
    • removal of first part of large intesine
    • cecum
  15. cholecystectomy
    removal of the gallbladder
  16. colostomy
    • new opening on the outside of the body by the sigmoid colon to remove waste
    • reversable depending on patients condition
  17. liver biopsy
    • using ultra sound
    • take large needle to remove about an incha smaple size of liver
  18. gastostomy
    • artificial opening into stomach
    • feed through stomach
  19. antidiarrheals
    absorbs water from GI track and will alter its motility
  20. antieminic
    • antinausea
    • prevents vommiting
  21. antiflatulents
    prevents farting and belching
  22. antispasmodics
    drugs reduce spasms
  23. cathartics, laxatives, purgative
    cleanse GI track
  24. emetics
    pertaining to substance that induces vommiting
  25. suppository
    capsuls inserted into rectal area
  26. urinary track
    eliminating nitrogenous waste from out blood stream
  27. urea
    breakdown of proteins from body
  28. azto/o
    cleanses blood
  29. diuresis
    • complete urine
    • everything goes through body
    • maintain homeostasis
  30. kidneys
    nephr/o, ren/o
  31. nephrosclerosis
    hardening of kidney
  32. nephrolithiasis
    presence of kidney stones
  33. nephropathy
    kidney disease
  34. ureters
    • ureter/o
    • two tubes that carry urine from kidney to bladder
  35. urinary bladder
    cyst/o, vesic/o
  36. cycstitis
    • inflammation of bladder
    • UTI
  37. cystectomy
    surgically removing the bladder
  38. trigone
    • trigon/o
    • invisible triangular shaped area where ureters enter and exit
  39. urethra
    • urethr/o
    • tube that removes urine from body
  40. meatus
    opening of the urethra to the outside of the body
  41. glomerulus
    • round ball of capilaries in kidney
    • where waste products travel through
  42. bowmans capsule
    • structure surrounding glomerulus
    • filters blood to reabsorb of secrete items in blood
  43. urine
  44. dysuria
    painful urination
  45. urinalysis
    • color: yellow
    • -red or brown: blood in urine
    • ph- 6.5
    • -alkaline if bladder infection, bacteria in system
    • protein: small undectable amount ok
    • sugar shouldnt be here
  46. renal tubule
    tube that comes off bowmans capsule and absorbs
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