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  1. Vestical
    Contains water, waste, & nutrients
  2. Lysosomes
    Digestion center (suicide Sacs)
  3. Ribosomes
    Where the proteins are made
  4. Golgi Complex (Golgi Bodies)
    Stores and releases materials
  5. Cytoplasm
    Gel-Like Fluid with in the cell
  6. Nucleus
    The "PowerHouse" of the cell
  7. Nucleolus
    In nucleus & makes ribosomes
  8. Nuclear Membrane
    Protects the nucleus
  9. Cell (Plasma) Membrane
    Controls entry into and out of the cell
  10. Mitochondria
    squiggly things that look like potato wedges
  11. Endoplasmic rectculum
  12. Centriole
    Animals, Structures involved in cell dividson
  13. DNA
    Strands of gentic code
  14. Plant...
    Cell wall, chloroplast, Vacuole
    • Outter /protect plant cell
    • photo syntheisis makes food
    • stores water and nutrience
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