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  1. What are the maximum practicle heights of the following mobile scaffolding? What type of support does it use? Castor Type & Farm Wagon Type
    • Castor type can be maximum 9 meters (30 feet) with outrigger support
    • Farm wagon has maximum height of 7.5 meters (25 feet) resting on outriggers
  2. What is the height to width ratio for scaffolding?
    Height: width would be 3:1
  3. Under what circumstances can the height to width ratio for scaffolding be surpassed?
    The 3:1 ratio (4:1 in notes) can be surpassed if it is tied to building, equipped with outrigger stabilizers to maintain ratio, or equipped with suitable guy wires
  4. What is the minimum load capacity of platform for general construction work? For masonry construction work?
    • Construction work the platform needs to support 50 lbs/sqft
    • Masonry construction work the platform needs to support 150 lbs/sqft
  5. What is the maximum allowable free fall distance?
    6 feet
  6. What is the general trend of work related fatalities and injuries?
    Injuries are decreasing and fatalities are increasing
  7. In what industries are the raw fatalities low, but the fatalities per 100000 full time equivalent workers is the highest?
    Farming, fishing and forestry
  8. What are the leading cause of construction fatalities?
  9. Hazards must be eliminated via
    • engineering control
    • work practice control
    • and PPE
  10. What is fall arrest system?
    assembly of components of a system used to arrest a fall
  11. What is the maximum allowable force that can be applied to the body during a fall arrest?
    1800 lbs of force
  12. What is the max distance a person is allow to decelerate?
    Not more than 42 inches
  13. What are the components of the fall arrest system?
    • Anchorage system
    • Body support
    • Connecting means
    • Rescue
  14. Anchorage has to withstand a minimum force of _______. If designed by a qualified person, the anchorage system has to withstand ________.
    • 5000 lbs
    • 2 times the maximum arresting force.
  15. What are three connection means between D-Ring and anchorage?
    • Energy absorber
    • self retracting lanyard
    • fall arrestor connected to life line or rope lanyard
  16. When can the free fall distance be increased more than 6 ft?
    When a qualified fp person allows it.
  17. The maximum arrest force of a 6ft Y lanyard and a 12 feet Y lanyard are...
    • 6ft - 900 lbs
    • 12ft - 1350 lbs
  18. A self retracting lanyard limits free fall distance (vertical use) to _____ and maintains a tensile load of ________.
    • 2ft
    • 3000 lbs
  19. What is the difference between class A and B self retracting life lines?
    • Class A is used for vertical use; limits free fall to 2 ft and average arrest force of 900 lbs
    • Class B is used for horizontal lines; limits free fall to 4.5 ft and arresting force of 1350 lbs
  20. Fall arrestors such as cable grab or grab rope must have arresting strength of _______.
    3600 lbs
  21. At what time would one require a ladder/stairway?
    When an access point is above 19 inches
  22. How much force does a top rail of stairs supposed to withstand?
    200 lbs
  23. When do stairwells require a handrail / stairwell?
    • when 4 or more risers
    • higher than 30 inches
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