Human Develop TEST

  1. For number 22 and 23 what is going to be the answer for the test?
  2. What does centration means? Give one example?
    Static rezoning, they can only focus one idea at a time. Example would be the teacher been outside class rooms and the child saw her in a shopping center would not recognize her.
  3. What is the basic theory of Piaget and what does consist of?
    • Sensorimotor Intelligence is the theory of Piaget and consist by using their senses and motor skills.
    • Active Process/ Active Learning
  4. What are the six stages that Piaget though how kids think?
    • 1)Reflex:bith--1
    • 2)First Acquired Adaptations 1-4
    • 3)Awarenes of environment 4-8
    • 4)New Adaptation & Anticipations 8-12
    • 5)Active Experimentation 12-18
    • 6)Mental Conbitation Concrete 18-24
  5. Nutrition
    What is head-sparing?
    The brain is the last part of the body to be damaged by malnutrition.
  6. List the 4 school of though.
    • *Psychodynamls
    • *Behaviorism
    • *Ecological Systems
    • *Social Learning
  7. How much does a baby weight and measures? How is this important?
    A baby weight about 7 1/2 pounds and 20 inches. It is important because we are going to see a big impact on these two factors at the age of 2 months they going to around 30 pounds and 35"
  8. What is the sensitive thing for parent notice an indicator that something physically wrong with their child?
    Sleep pattern
  9. Mention something that parent look at their child development?
    • physical growth
    • sleep patterns
    • sensory and motor development
    • cognitive development
  10. Emotional Roal
    Distress V.S. Contentment
    is where childrent start developing this emotion
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