St. Therese

  1. St. Therese's last name was __.
  2. She was born in Alcenon, __ on __.
    • France
    • Jan 2, 1873
  3. She has four older sisters: __, __, __, __
    Leonie, Celine,Pauline, Marie
  4. True or False:
    Her parents were very religious.
  5. As a very young child, Therese was happy and outgoing. This changed when she was __ years old and her __ died of __. After this great loss, Therese became withdrawn, shy and depressed.
    • four
    • mom
    • breast cancer
  6. In school, Therese was very smart, but was uncomfortable with her classmates. She suffered from __ that kept her from relating to the other children.
  7. Because of the strong faith that was fostered by her family, and because she was lonely, Therese looked to __ for companionship and support.
  8. After some time, her sister Pauline entered the convent (she joined the __.) Therese was very say, for it felt like she was again losing a mother. Later, two of her other sisters also entered the __.
    Carmelites x2
  9. Because of her deep and very personal relationship with Jesus, Therese decided that she wanted to enter the Carmelites when she was only __ years old. Although she was committed to her decision, she was opposed by many church leaders. Eventually, she was permitted to enter at age __.
    • 14
    • 15
  10. While in the convent, Therese took joy in performing the __ jobs, knowing that she was doing them out of __ for __, called __.
    • smallest
    • love
    • God
    • St. Therese's Little Way
  11. Therese was very weak physically. She suffered very much. During her times of suffering, she would osmetimes feel separated from __.
    How did she maintain her faith during these times?
    • God
    • by refusing to let go
  12. Therese was diagnosed with __- a disease tha tshe knew would kill her. Before she died, she wrote her autobiography (title- __).
    • tuberculosis (TB)
    • Story of a Soul
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