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  1. Root: cutis (skin) = cue + tis

    Medical Term: cutitis (skin inflammation)

    Latin (cutis; skin) Everyday Use: cuticle

    skin, cute-looking, cutis
  2. Root: dent (teeth) = dent

    Medical Term: dentiform (toothlike)

    Latin (dens; tooth) Everyday Use: dentures

    teeth, indent, dent
  3. Root: derma (skin) = dur + muh

    Medical Term: dermatology (skin, study of)

    Greek (derma; skin)

    skin, hide, deer, deer ma, derma
  4. Root: hapsia (touch) = hap + see + uh

    Medical Term: parapsia (touch disorder)

    Greek (haptein; to touch)

    touch, feels good, happy, hapsia
  5. Root: odont (teeth) = oh + don + t

    Medical Term: odontoprisis (teeth grinding)

    Greek (odous; tooth)

    teeth, lie, Don't lie!, Oh don't!, odont
  6. Root: onco (tumor) = on + caw

    Medical Term: oncology (tumors, study of)

    Greek (onkos;bulk, mass)

    tumor, cellular, genetic, relation, uncle, onco
  7. Root: onychia (nail beds) = oh + nick + ee + uh

    Medical Term: onychitis (nail bed, inflammation)

    Greek (onyx; nail)

    nail beds, flower bed, flower, orchid, onychia
  8. Root: pedicular (lice) = puh + dick + you + ler

    Medical Term: pediculosis (lice, condition of)

    Latin (pediculus; little foot)

    lice, strange, bug, odd, peculiar, pedicular
  9. Root: prurigo (itching) = pru + rig + oh (pru as in proof)

    Medical Term: pruritis (itching inflammation)

    Latin (prurigo)

    itching, buggy, bug, beetle, pro beetle, pro Ringo, prurigo
  10. Root: psora (itch) = sore + uh

    Medical Term: psoriasis (itch, condition of)

    Greek (psoros;itch)

    itch, sore, psora
  11. Root: sarco (flesh) = s + ark + oh

    Medical Term: sarcolysis (flesh decomposing)

    Greek (sarx, sark; flesh) Everyday Use: sarcophagus

    flesh, The plumber's flesh was flushed, sarcasm, sarco
  12. Root: sclero (hard) = s + clear +oh

    Medical Term: sclerogenous (hardening tissue)

    Greek (skleros)

    hard, decided, clear, clear + o, sclero
  13. Root: squama (scaly) = skwah + ma

    Medical Term: squamous (scalelike)

    Latin (squama; scale)

    scaly, fish, worm, squirm, squirm + a, squama
  14. Root: tricho (hair) = trick + oh

    Medical Term: trichoid (hairlike)

    Greek (thrix; hair)

    hair, wig, fake, trick, tricho
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