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  1. ´╗┐Which cells function more efficiently? Large or small cells?
    Small Cells-can exchange substances more readily than large cells because small objects have a higher surface area to volume ratio than larger objects. Substances do NOT need to travel as far to reach the center of a smaller cell.
  2. Cell Membrane
    OUTER boundary of cell--it encloses the cell and separates the cell interior; regulates what enters and leaves a cell
  3. Cytoplasm
    • cell INTERIOR
    • inside cytoplams are many structures-often suspended in a system of microscopic fibers called a cytoskeleton Includes everything inside the cell membranes but OUTSIDE the nucleus
  4. cytoskeleton
    within the cytoplasm-a system of microscopic fibers
  5. ribosomes
    cellular structures on which protiens are made
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