Zoo Lab 2-2

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  1. Spongocoel
    Middle of Sponge
  2. Osculum
    hole in sponge
  3. incurrent canal
    opens on outside
  4. radial canal
    opens on inside
  5. choanocytes
    lines radial canal
  6. calcareous spicules
    triangle shaped
  7. siliceous spicules
    "c" and line
  8. spongin fibers
    in sponge
  9. spongia body form
  10. polyp form
    waving hand
  11. medusa form
    pacman ghost
  12. mouth
    by tentacles
  13. gastrovascular cavity
    middle of polyp & medusa, duglesia
  14. gastrodermis
    lines gastrovascular cavity
  15. mesoglea
    "river" between gastrodermis and epidermis
  16. gonangium
    for reproduction on obelia
  17. hydranth
    for feeding on obelia
  18. velum
    on gonionemus
  19. pneumatophore
    air bladder on physalia
  20. dactylozooids
    "tentacles" on physalia
  21. ocelli
    "eye" on duglesia
  22. auricle
    "ear" on duglesia
  23. pharynx
    • middle bump on duglesia
    • behind oral sucker on clonorchis
  24. oral sucker
    opening on clonorchis
  25. esophagus
    behind pharynx on clonorchis
  26. testes
    • branches on rear half of clonorchis
    • dots inside proglottid of taenia
  27. sperm receptacle / ovary
    two dark blobs near testes of clonorchis
  28. Uterus
    • squigles on front half of clonorchis
    • middle blob of taenia
  29. Rostellum
    "hair" at the end of taenia
  30. sucker
    "eyes" on taenia
  31. scolex
    rostellum and sucker on taenia
  32. immature proglattid
    reproductive unit on taenia
  33. genital pore
    opening on proglottid of taenia
  34. vagina
    tube from genital pore of taenia
  35. sperm duct
    tube from genital pore of taenia
  36. ovary
    squigles in proglottid of taenia
  37. yolk gland
    dark blob at end of uterus/ovary of proglottid of taenia
  38. excretory duct
    lining of proglottid of taenia
  39. Ascaris
    pseudocoelom, dorsal & ventral nerve cords, muscle cells, cuticle,
  40. ancylostoma
    bursa (determines male or female) male with.
  41. trichinella
    causes trichinosis
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