Radiology Ch 13

  1. How should a patient be positioned to isolate the scapula as much as possible?
    lateral recumbency with the affected limb closest to the cassette
  2. where should the measurement be taken to view the scapula superimposed over the cranial thorax?
    cranioventral thorax where the scapula is positioned
  3. to optimally view the scapulohumeral joint...
    the unaffected limb must be pulled caudodorsally while the patient is in lateral recumbency
  4. where should the measurement be taken for a craniocaudal view of the humerus?
    thickest area over the shoulder
  5. what is the primary disadvantage of the craniocaudal view of the humerus?
    long object film distance can cause magnification
  6. the lateral view of the elbow requires that the unaffected limb be...
    pulled caudodorsally
  7. where should the measurement for the radius and ulna view be taken?
    distal humerus
  8. a radiograph of the metacarpus-phalanges requires that...the beam be located where?
    the beam is centered over the middle of the metacarpal bones
  9. what is the most appropriate method to separate a digit from the others in order to radiograph it separately while the limb is positioned laterally?
    ...with tape
  10. true or false...
    only one view of the humerus is necessary because it is easily separated from the rest of the body to avoid superimposition
    false because all radiographs require at least 2 views
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