Reformation and Exploration Peeps

  1. Who sailed around the cape of Africa?
    Who sailed around the cape of Africa and then reached India?
    • 1. Diaz
    • 2. Vasco de Gama
  2. Who sponsored Columbus' voyage and was married to Ferdinand of Aragon?
    Isabella of Castille
  3. Who gave America its name?
    Americo Vespucci
  4. Who mapped America?
  5. Who discovered the Pacific Ocean?
  6. Who went around South America through the Strait of Magellica?
    Ferdinand Magellan
  7. Who landed on the coast of Mexico city, attacked the Aztecs, and eventually conquered them?
  8. Who took over the Incans?
  9. Who wrote letters to the King about the horrors of the Carribbean?
    Las Casas
  10. Belonged to the Hapsburgs, granparents= Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain and Maximillian (HRE) and Mary of Burgundy. Bought his way into Holy Roman Emperor, also king of Spain.
    Charles V
  11. First tudor king, good with money (see will's card for more details)
    Henry VII
  12. King of France, was held prisoner by Charles, supported the Turks and the Lutherins
    Francis I
  13. Becomes king in 1547, continues war with Spain, marries Elizabeth Valoy to get properties in France
    Henry II of France
  14. Fought against Henry II during the war between France and Spain, Spain's king of the time
    Philip II
  15. Defeated Richard III to become King, married Elizabeth York
    Henry VII
  16. Son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Had six wives and three children. Caused many problems between the Catholic church and eventually split to ensure divorce with Catherine of Aragon. Killed many of his wives. Put out Statue of Supremecy (King is in charge of the church). Created the Church of England.
    Henry VIII
  17. Wrote 95 theses along with many different pamphlets. Is known to be the start of the Reformation. Did not believe in the selling of indulgences.
  18. Swiss reformer, influnced by Erasmus. Fought with Luther over the Eucharist.
  19. "Saved" the reformation. Had interesting church set up, believed only two important sacrements were baptism and eucharist.
  20. Changed a lot of the clergy in the 1530s to get his way during the council of trent
    Pope Paul III
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