1. salvation history
    the pattern specific events in human history God clearly reveals his presence and saving actions
  2. divine revelation
    Gods self communication though which he shows us the mystery of his divine plan
  3. original sin
    the frist human that disobeyed gods command fallen state that it affects every person born into the world
  4. covenant
    a solemn agreement between people or between god and people that which promises are made
  5. patriarch
    the father or the leader of the tribe
  6. prophet
    a person chooses to speak his message of salvation sinful people to reapent and follow god
  7. wisdom lit
    old test books that give us practical advice on how to live
  8. trinity
    from latin meaning three that god exists as 3 persons father son and the sprit
  9. sacred tradition
    the process of passing on the gospel message beginning with the apostles and continuing with the bishops and pope of today called magisterium
  10. apostolic succession
    the uninterrupted passing of teaching authority from the original 12 apostles to all the bishops in the world thoughtout the ages even today
  11. dogma
    core teching of catholic church (exm) teching of trinity
  12. redemption
    latin, buy back the delivers of sin
  13. biblycalinerrance
    god truth without error
  14. magisterium
    chuch today bishops pope
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