Med. Term. Chp. 14

  1. Afferent
    Carry or move inward or toward a central structure.
  2. Blood-Brain Barrier
    Protective mechanism that blocks specific substances found in the bloodstream from entering delicate brain tissue.
  3. Central Nervous System (CNS)
    Network of nervous tissue found in the brain and spinal cord.
  4. Efferent
    Carry or move away from a central structure.
  5. Nerve Fiber
    Projection of a neuron, especially the axon that transmits impulses.
  6. Neurilemma
    Additional sheath external to myelin that is formed by Schwann cells and found on axons in the peripheral nervous system.
  7. Ventricle
    Chamber or cavity of an organ that receives or holds a fluid.
  8. Brain
    Center for thought and emotion, interpretation of sensory stimuli, and coordination of body functions.
  9. Spinal Cord
    Main pathway for transmission of information between the brain and body.
  10. Cranial Nerves
    Includes 12 pairs of nerves that emerge from the base of the skull and may act in either a motor capacity, sensory capacity, or both.
  11. Spinal Nerves
    Includes 31 pairs of nerves that emerge from the spine and act in both motor and sensory capacities.
  12. Sympathetic Division
    • Dilates pupils
    • Inhibits the flow of saliva
    • Relaxes bronchi
    • Accelerates heart rate
    • Slows digestive activities
    • Constricts visceral blood vessels
  13. Parasympathetic Division
    • Constricts pupils
    • Increases the flow of saliva
    • Constricts bronchi
    • Slows heart rate
    • Accelerates digestive activities
    • Dilates visceral blood vessels
  14. cerebr/o
  15. cerebrotomy
    incisionof the cerebrum
  16. crani/o
    cranium (skull)
  17. craniomalacia
    softening of the cranium
  18. dendr/o
  19. dendroid
    resembling a (branching) tree
  20. encephal/o
  21. encephalocele
    herniation of the brain
  22. gangli/o
    ganglion (knot or knotlike mass)
  23. gangliectomy
    excision of a ganglion
  24. gli/o
    glue; neuroglial tissue
  25. glioma
    tumor (composed of ) neuroglial tissue
  26. kinesi/o
  27. bradykinesia
    condition of slow movement
  28. lept/o
    thin, slender
  29. leptomeningopathy
    disease of the meninges
  30. lex/o
    word, phrase
  31. dyslexia
    difficulty using words
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