History 12 Chapter 17

  1. True/False: Depite their distinct cultures, all Western Indiand lived in subsistence economies.
  2. What did tribes on the Plains depend on? Southwest tribes? Northwest tribes?
    Plains tribes depended on buffalo; South western Indians depended on livestock; Northwestern, on salmon
  3. How were the economic and social foundations of the Plains tribes destroyed?
    White hunters slaughtered millions of Buffalo, which contributed to the doom of the bison.
  4. What led to the decline of salmon?
    Commercial fishing, among other factos.
  5. What kind of people primarily migrated to the West?
    Young white males who hel attitudes of racial contempt towards Indians.
  6. True/False: The Indians of the Southwest and Northwest were not able to unite against white intruders due to language barriers.
    True. There were some 200 languages separating them.
  7. True/False: Most treaties that recognized Indian treaties were upheld.
    False. They were mostly violated.
  8. What policy did the federal government pursue from the 1860's to the1890's?
    Placing Indians on reservations.
  9. What led to the Indian Wars?
    Native resistance to reservation restrictions. Whites responded through use of military force.
  10. How values were Native Americans forced to accept in order to be acculturized?
    Middle class values.
  11. What had to be done to civilize an Indian?
    You had to kill the Indian in him.
  12. What did the Dawes-Severalty Act do?
    Congress reversed it reservation policy and authorized dissolution of community-owned Indian property and granted this land to individual Indian familes.
  13. How did Congress attempt to assimilate Indians into white American forms of culture?
    By stressing private ownership of property and education programs in boadring schools away from the reservation.
  14. What did Indians turn to in order to preserve the last remnants of their culture?
    They turned to spiritualism.
  15. Fear by U.S. government agents that the ______ would lead to an Indian uprising was a factor in the ____.
    Ghost Dance religion; Massacre at Wounded Knee
  16. What led to the decline of the western tribes?
    The Dawes-Severalty Act, along with political and ecological crises.
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