WBC development, DNA/RNA

  1. SCF
    • factor on bone marrow stromal cell that plugs into
    • early pro-B cell
  2. IL-7
    stimulates B-cell development
  3. TdT
    • terminal deoxynucleotidal transferase
    • DNA recombination
  4. RAG 1/2
    recombination activating genes specific to lymphocytes
  5. TAP
    move endogenously digested peptide from cytosol to ER
  6. Ii
    invariant chain; blocks peptide binding groove on MHCII until fusion with low-pH lysosomes
  7. ITAM
    immunotyrosine activation motif; tyrosine phosphorylation in TCR antigen recognition
  8. CD34 is found...and it's job is...
    • anchored in the endothelial cell
    • facilitates rolling
  9. GlyCAM-1 is found... and it's job is...
    • anchored in endothelial cell
    • facilitates rolling
  10. LFA-1 is found... is activated by... binds to...
    • on lymphocyte
    • chemokines
    • ICAM-1
  11. L-selectin is found...binds to... is low in...
    • on lymphocyte
    • CD34
    • effector T cells (not naive)
  12. NFAT is a...generates...
    • transcription factor
    • IL-2 (T cells) and IgM (B cells)
  13. NF-kappaB is a... and generates
    • transcription factor
    • IL-2 (T cells) and IgM (B cells)
  14. AP-1 is a... and generates...
    • transcription factor
    • IL-2 (T cells) and IgM (B cells)
  15. VLA-4 is found... binds to... is high/absent in...
    • on lymphocyte
    • VCAM-1
    • high in effectors, absent in naive T cells
  16. VCAM-1 is found... and binds to
    • anchored in endothelial cell
    • binds to VLA-4
  17. IFNgamma activates, promotes, inhibits...
    • activates resting macrophage
    • promotes TH1 differentiation
    • inhibits TH2 proliferation
  18. IFNgamma is produced by
    TH1 cells
  19. CD40L
    • produced by TH2
    • stimulates B cell proliferation and differentiation (somatic hypermutation)
    • found in responses to parasites
  20. TGFbeta
    inhibits activation/growth of TH1
  21. Zap70
    signal transduction in T cells
  22. Syk
    signal transduction in B cells
  23. CD5
    characteristic of B1 cells
  24. EF-Tu, eEF-1delta
    brings in aa-tRNA-GTP
  25. EF-TS, eEF-1betagamma
    exchange factor that recycles tRNA-GDP
  26. EF-G, eEF2
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WBC development, DNA/RNA
WBC development, DNA/RNA