Lesson 7 The Merchant Retires

  1. 仔细
    zi3xi4 (形容词), careful; attentive
  2. 观察
    guan1cha2 (动词), observe; watch
  3. 包裹
    bao1guo3 (名词), package; parcel
  4. 认为
    ren4wei2 (动词), think
  5. 专业
    zhuan1ye4 (形,名词), specialized; professional
  6. 盗贼
    dao4zei2 (名词), thieves and brigands
  7. 估计
    gu1ji4 (名词), estimate; reckon
  8. 过路
    guo4lu4 (动词), passerby
  9. 顺手
    shun4shou3 (副词), do sth. as a natural sequence or simultaneously; without extra trouble
  10. yang2 (名词); sheep
  11. 顺手牵羊
    shun4 shou3 qian1 yang2; pick up sth. on the sly
  12. 暂时
    zan4shi2 (名词), temporary; transient
  13. 修理
    xiu1li3 (动词), repair; mend
  14. 值得
    zhi2de2 (动词), be worth; deserve
  15. 于是
    yu2shi4 (连词), thus; consequently; thereupon
  16. 改行
    gai3 hang2 (动词), change one's profession
  17. 免费
    mian3fei4 (动词), free of charge
  18. 人们
    ren2men (名词), people; the public
  19. 纷纷
    fen1fen1 (副词), one after another; in succession
  20. jie1 (动词), catch; take hold of
  21. 离开
    li2kai1 (动词), leave; depart from
  22. 一般
    yi4ban1 (形容词), ordinary; common
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