How to pick a Good Ukulele

  1. The ukulele has been a instrument used since the birth of Hawaii and now being used more and more in modern culture. Hello my name is Jonah Enfinger and I am here to talk about how to pick out the best ukulele for a fairly low cost. First I will briefly cover the history of the Ukulele then the basic structure of a ukulele, then lastly how to pick a good quality Uklulele.
  2. The Ukuele originated in Portugail by a cabinet maker it quickly spread across the country. Soon workers recruited and brought over to Hawaii to work in sugar cane fields. When the Hawians saw it they called it a Ukelele which roughly translate into jumping flee because of how fast the fingers moved across the strings. It was then brought into America by the great King himself, Elvis Presley who called it a UUUUkele instead of ukulele. Since then it came more and more popular.
  3. There are 5 parts of the Ukulele those are the
    1. Frets

    2. The four strings that are GCEA

    3. The neck

    4. Body

    5. The tuning head

    There is also 4 different kinds of Ukulele
    1. Soprano

    2. Concert

    3. Tenor

    4. Baritone
  4. The over all most importent thing is how to pick the best ukulele for you.

    A. Ukulelesare made out of three materials those includes:

    1. The cheapest are ply or laminate

    2. The next is made out of spruce

    3. The more expensive is made out Mahogany.

    4. The most expensive (which could be thousands of dollars) is made Koa a Hawaiian

    B. The type of strings

    1. Most Strings are made out Aquila Nylgut whichis a gut material

    C. The type of ukulele

    1. The most popular of the choice is a soprano because of the affordability and ease
    of playing.

    2. The professional tend to lean toward a concert because of further fret space but
    are a bit more expensive.
  5. The Ukulele Is a great instrument to play and more and more you will see it intergrate into our own culture. I hope by hearing this you will understand the history, the basic structure and how to pick out the best Ukulele. Thank you for listening.
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How to pick a Good Ukulele
How to pick out a good Ukulele