Anatomy Definition List #1

  1. Biopsy
    Removal of tissue from body for examination
  2. Cautery
    Tissue destruction by electricity
  3. Graft
    A tissue or organ for implantation or transplantation; piece of skin transplanted to replace a lost portion of the skin.
  4. Escharotomy
    Removal of burn scar tissue
  5. Carcinoma
    A malignant new growth made up of epithelial cells tending to infltrate surrounding tissues and to give rise to metastases.
  6. Keratosis
    any horny growth, such as a wart.
  7. Nevus
    A mole or growth, like birthmarks
  8. Verruca
    A wart, caused a virus. Such as a planter wart.
  9. Acne
    Inflammatory disease of the skin with the formation of an eruption of papules or pustules.
  10. Carbuncles, furuncles
    boils, abscesses, and pustular lesions
  11. Impetigo
    A streptococcal or staphylococcal skin infection marked by vesicles or bullae that become pustular.
  12. Herpes Simplex
    An acute viral disease, often on the borders of the lips or nares (cold sores).
  13. Varicella
    Chicken Pox
  14. Herpes Zoster
    Shingles; an acute, unilateral, self-limited inflammatory disease of a nerve.
  15. Tinea
    Ringworm; name applied to many different superficial fungal infections around the body.
  16. Pediculosis
  17. Scabies
    A mite; small parasite
  18. Eczema
    Redness of the skin, caused by some substance
  19. Psoriasis
    A chronic, hereditary, recurrent dermatosis marked by discrete vivid red macules, papules, or plaques covered with silvery laminated scales.
  20. Albinism
    No body pigment; white skind & hair
  21. Alopecia
  22. Bulla
    Large blisters, as in burns
  23. Callus
    Localized hyperplasia of the horny layer of the epidermis caused by pressur or friction
  24. Cyst
    Closed epithelium-lined cavity or sac, normal or abnormal, usally containing liquid or semisolid material
  25. Ecchymosis
    Bruise, caused by b;leeding under the skin
  26. Erythema
    Redness of the skin
  27. Gangrene
    Necrotic or dead tissue
  28. Hirsutism
    Abnormal hairness, espceically in women
  29. Keloid
    Sharply elevated, progressively enlarging scar that does not fade with time
  30. Pruritus
  31. Tumor
    Swelling; may be benign or malignant; also called a neoplasm
  32. Ulcer
    A local destruction of tissue from sloughing of necrotic inflammatory tissue
  33. Vitiligo
    Loss of pigemtn; white, patchy areas
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