PSCI Exam 1

  1. Politics
    The process through which indv-s and groupds reach agrrement on a course of common, or collective , action-even as they disagree on the intended goals of that action.
  2. Collective Action
    The efforts of a group to reach and implement agreements
  3. Prisoner's Dilemma
    • A. Neither of you rat both get 1yr
    • B. Both of you rat get 2yrs
    • C. They rat you stay quiet you serve 10yrs
    • D. You rat then don't they serve 10 yrs

    What is the other person going to do?
  4. Tradgedy of the Commons
    Freeriding. When a person avoids helping the common good, but reaps the benefits.
  5. Transaction Costs
    Time, effort, and resources it takes to make a collective decision.
  6. Conformity Costs
    the difference between what a person idealy would perfer and what a group w/which that person makes a collective decision actually does.Indv-s pay conformity costs whenever the collective decisions produce policy outcomes that don't serve their intrests
  7. Agenda Control
    The capacity to set the choices availble to others.
  8. Representative Government
    Blending of delegation w/majority rule.
  9. Direct Democracy
    Citizens directly in collective decision making is reserved primarliy for sm communities and organ-ations.
  10. Republic
    some degree of pop controland also avoid tyranny
  11. Parlimentary Government
    A form of gov in which the cheif executive is vvhoosen by the majority party or by coalation of parties in legislation
  12. Cabinet
    the grp of advisors picked by the president to head the major divisions of the federal gov
  13. seperation of powers
    The distribution of gov powers among several political institutions
  14. coalation
    An alliance of un-minded ind-s or grps to achieve some common purpose
  15. private goods
    benifeits and serveices in which the owner has full control over their use
  16. public goods
    collectivley produced and freely availble for everyone's use
  17. collective goods
    • collectivley produced and freely availble.
    • same as public goods
  18. home rule
    power is given by a state to a locality to encat legislation and manage its own affairs locally
  19. Articles of confederation
    the compact among the frst 13 original states that formed the basis of the first national gov of the US
  20. confederation
    A political sys in which states or regional govs retain ultimate authority except for those powers they expressly delegate to a central gov
  21. Shays's rebellion
    was an armed uprising in central and western Massachusetts (mainly Springfield) from 1786 to 1787. The rebellion is named after Daniel Shays, a veteran of theAmerican Revolutionary War.
  22. nationalists
    consititutional reformes led by james madison and alexander hamilton. who sought to replace the articles of confederation
  23. Popular sovereignty
    Citizens delegation of auth to their agents in gov, w/the ability to resicind that auth
  24. Virgina Plan
    Consitution blue print drafted by james madison sought to reform the articles of confederation
  25. State rights
  26. New Jersey Plan
  27. Commerce Clause
  28. Nesscessary Clause
  29. Proper Clause
  30. checks and balences
  31. take care clause
  32. great compromise
  33. electoral college
  34. supremecy clause
  35. judical reveiw
  36. Bill of rights
  37. Logroll
  38. Federalist


    2. a loosey organ grpthat opposed the ratification of the constitution, which the grp belived would jeopardize indv freedom states.
  39. fractions
  40. pluralism
  41. Unitary Governement
  42. Dual federalism
  43. shared federalism
  44. nationalization
  45. enumeret powers
  46. elastic clause
  47. tenth amendment
  48. race to the bottom
  49. preemption legislation
  50. grants-in-aid
  51. block grant
  52. matching grant
  53. proportional representation
  54. gerrymandering
  55. Political action committes PACs
  56. ticket-splitting
  57. casework
  58. presidential coattails
  59. pork barrel
  60. speaker of the house
  61. majority party
  62. majority whip
  63. minority whip
  64. presidential pro tempore
  65. unanimous consent agreements
  66. standing committes
  67. special commitees
  68. select committees
  69. ad hoc committees
    A congressional committee appointedfor a limited time to designand report a specific peice of legislation
  70. confrence committees
  71. mulitple referrals
  72. entitlements
  73. discharge petition
  74. open rule
  75. resiricted rule
  76. closed rule
  77. filibuster
  78. cloture
  79. riders
  80. quorum
  81. roll call vote
  82. pocket veto
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