education vocab 1

  1. ability grouping
    assigning pupils to homogenous groups according to intellectual abillity, for instruction
  2. affective domain
    attitudinal and emotional areas of learning, such as values and feelings
  3. Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)
    a program providing cash suppoer for low-income families with dependent children who have been deprived of parental support due to deathm disability, continued absence of a parent, or unemployment
  4. block grants
    federal monies that are consolidated into a broader-purpose fund caregorical funds with more focused purposes. Block grants give more discretion to state and local agencies that receive them.
  5. Carnegie unit
    a unit awarded to a student for successfully completing a high school course that meets for a minimum of 120 clock hours
  6. Compensatory education
    enriched or extended educational experiences or services made available to childrem of low-income families
  7. Custodial student
    a student who is so limited in mental, social, physical, or emotional development that institutional care or constant supervision at home is required
  8. Debt service
    repayment of borrowed money and the interest on the debt
  9. de facto segregation
    the segregation of students resulting from circumstance such as housing patterns rather than from school policy or law
  10. de jure segregation
    the segregation of students on the basis of law, school policy, or a practice designed to accomplish such separation
  11. differentiated staffing
    educational personnel, selected, educated, and deployed so that optimum use is made of their abilitities, interests, preparation, and commitments.
  12. eclecticism
    drawing elements from several education philosophies
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