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  1. Ventral
    Belly or underside of body
  2. Dorsal
  3. Cranial
    Toward the head
  4. Caudal
    Toward the tail
  5. Rostral
    Nose end of head
  6. Cephalic
    Pertaining to head
  7. Medial
    Toward midline
  8. Lateral
    Away from midline
  9. Proximal
    Nearest middle or beginning
  10. Distal
    Farthest away
  11. Superficial / external
    Near surface
  12. Deep/internal
    Away from surface
  13. Palmar
    Caudal surface of back paw
  14. Plantar
    Caudal surface of back paw
  15. Anterior
    Front of body
  16. Posterior
    Rear of body
  17. Unilateral
    Pertaining to one side
  18. Bilateral
    Pertaining to two sides
  19. Midsagittal/median plane
    Divides body equal halves
  20. Sagittal plane
    Divide body into unequal parts
  21. Dorsal plane
    Divides into back & belly parts
  22. Transverse plane
    • Divide into cranial & caudal
    • (head) (tail)
  23. Dorsal recumbency
    Lying on back
  24. Ventral recumbency
    Lying on belly
  25. Sternal recumbency
    Lying on belly
  26. Lateral recumbency
    Laying on left or right side
  27. Adduction
    Toward midline
  28. Abduction
    Away from midline
  29. Flexion
    Closer to joint angle
  30. Extension
    Straightening of joints
  31. Hyperflexion
    • Palmar or plantar movement
    • (handshake)
  32. Hyperextension
    Over extension of joints
  33. Rotation
    Circular movement of joints
  34. Dental arcade
    Describes how treyh are arranged in mouth
  35. Lingual surface
    Aspect of tooth facing tongue
  36. Buccal surface
    Aspect tooth that faces the cheek
  37. Labial surface
    Tooth surface that faces the lips
  38. Mesial contact surface
    Tooth closest the midline
  39. Distal contact surface
    Tooth furthest from midline
  40. Cranial cavity
    Hollow space that contains the brain
  41. Spinal cavity
    Hollow space that contains the spine and spinal cord
  42. Thoratic/chest cavity
    Hollow space that contains heart lungs and ribs
  43. Abdominal cavity
    Contains major organs of digestion
  44. Pelvic cavity
    Contains reproductive organs
  45. Thorax
    Chest region
  46. Abdomen
    Between thorax and pelvis
  47. Groin/inguinal
    Adjacent to thigh
  48. Membrane
    Thin layers of tissue that cover a surface
  49. Peritoneum
    Membrane lining walls in pelvic area
  50. Parietal peritoneum
    Outer layer of the peritoneum
  51. Visceral peritoneum
    Inner layer of peritoneum
  52. Peritonitis
    Inflammation of the peritoneum
  53. Retroperitoneal space
    Siperficial to the peritoneum
  54. Anatomy
    Study of body structure
  55. Physiology
    Study of body function
  56. Pathology
    Study of abnormal conditions
  57. Pathophysiology
    Study of functions caused by disease
  58. Etiology
    Study of disease causes
  59. Cytology
    Study of cells
  60. Histology
    Study of structure composition and functions of tissues
  61. Genetic disorder
    Inherited disorder
  62. Congenital
    Denotes something present at birth
  63. anomaly
    Something regarded as not normal
  64. Hyperplasia
    Abnormal increase in cells
  65. Hypoplasia
    Less than amount of cells
  66. Neoplasia
    Abnormal new growth of cells
  67. Benign
    Not reoccuring
  68. Malignant
    Life threatening
  69. -Oma
    Tumor or a neoplasm
  70. Atrophy
    Deteriorate or decrease in size of organ or tissue cells
  71. Hypertrophy
    Increase in size of organ or tissue cells
  72. -logy
    Study of
  73. Cephal/o
  74. Lingual/o
  75. Palat/o
    Roof of mouth
  76. Bucc/o
  77. Labi/o
  78. Cyt/o
  79. Hist/o
  80. Adip/o
  81. -plasia
    Formation or development of growth
  82. -trophy
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