1. What is the definition of physical therapy?
    Examining and evaluating patients with impairments, functional limitations, and disability or other health-related conditions in order to determine a diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention under the supervision of a PT.
  2. Besides examining and evaluating patients, what else do PTs do?
    Alleviate impairments and functional limitations (design, implement and modify therapeutic interventions), prevent injury, impairment, functional limitation, and disability, and engage in consultation, education, and research.
  3. What focuses on functional abilities that result from a medical condtion?
    Disablement model.
  4. What is the loss of abnormality of a body function or structure at the cellular, tissue, organ or system level?
  5. What does impairment cause?
    Functional limitations.
  6. What is functional limitation?
    A decreased ability of a person to perform a task without regard to the context or environment.
  7. What occurs if the functional limitation restricts activity in a particular context or environment?
  8. What is the difference of a patient and a client?
    Patients have a disorder that requires interventions to improve function; clients seeks PT services to maintain health, or a business that hires a PT consultation.
  9. What are the 5 characteristics of a profession?
    • 1. lifetime commitment
    • 2. representive organization (apta)
    • 3. specialized education
    • 4. service to clients
    • 5. autonomy of judgment
  10. When was electrotherapy developed?
  11. What was accepted as a scientific procedure in the 1800s?
  12. Physical therapy was developed during WW1 and which epidemic?
  13. What division created reconstruction aides in 1917?
    Division of Special Hospitals and Physical Reconstruction.
  14. Mary MacMillan was named first president of what organization in 1921?
    American Womens Therapeutic Association.
  15. The American Physiotherapy Association (apa) was created in what year?
  16. What was created in 1947 to provide service to military personnel?
    Womens Medical Specialist Corps.
  17. What year did PTs get their official title, and the national organization change names to the APTA?
  18. What was created in 1965 through enacted laws?
    Medicare and medicaid.
  19. What year was the physical therapist assistant utilized?
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