1. Became Pilgrims
    sparatosts that vowed to break away from the churst of england
  2. Seperatist came from
  3. Pilgrims on the mayflower that were separatists
    less than half
  4. Mayflower Compact
    Set of rules, set standards for later constitutions,
  5. 1621
    first thanksgiving
  6. William Bradford
    chosen governor of Plymouth 30 times though he hated democracy
  7. John Winthrop
    Governor or deputy for 19 years, help massachusettts
  8. Ann Hutchinson
    believed in antinomianism, banished for stating her beliefs were directly from god
  9. Roger Williams
    denied that civil government could and should gorvern religious behavior, lead the way for the Rhode Island colony
  10. Reverend Thomas Hooker
    Led Puritans to Connecticut
  11. Fundamental Orders
    made in 1639 by the settlers of new Connecticut River colony, basically a modern constitution
  12. 1637
    English settlers and Peqote tribe fought Pequot War
  13. New England Confederation
    Massachusetts, connecticut, unite a common enemy, Indian wars, Pequot war and king philips war
  14. Dominion of New England
    forced by king james 2, New england colonies, new jersey and new york
  15. Goals of Dominion of New England
    Resrtict colonial trade
  16. Sir Edmund Adros
    Eliminated town meetings, taxed without the consent, Collapsed after glorious revolution
  17. Glorious revolution and William and mAry to the crown
    The dominion of England Collapsed
  18. Henry Hudson
    ventured into delaware and new york bay, claimed for the Netherlands
  19. Patroonships
    large areas of land
  20. One legged Peter Stuyvesant
    besiege the main swedish fort, ending swedish colonial rule
  21. William Penn
    secure an immense grant from the king, of quaker faith,
  22. Middle colonies
    new york, new jersey, delaware, and Pennsylvania
  23. Conversion
    a religious turn to god, thought by calvinists to involve and intense, identifiable personal experience of grace
  24. Visible Saints
    In Calvinism, those who publicly proclaimed their experience of conversion and were expected to lead godly lives.
  25. blue laws
    law designed to restrict personal behavior in accord with a strick code of morality
  26. Seditious
    concerning resistance to or rebellion against the government
  27. CAlling
    in protestantism, the belief that saved individuals have a religious obligation to engage in worldly work
  28. Common wealth
    an organized civil gorvernment or social order united for a shared purpose
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