Historical Terms #3

  1. American Dream
    the ideal of freedom and opportunity that motivated the Founding Fathers (today often portrayed as a home and a Job)
  2. Back Channel
    a secret of informal method of passing sensitive information which bypasses the traditional route
  3. Big Lie
    a falsehood of such magnitude and audacity that it is bound to influence public opinion
  4. Bite the Bullet
    commit yourself to a difficult task
  5. Bleeding Hearts
    ultraconservative view of ultraliberals
  6. Brahmin
    aloof elite- a social intellecutal or political aristocracy which manipulates power from non-elective positions
  7. Bread and Butter Issues
    issues that deal with the voter's pocketbook
  8. Closed Shop
    a company where only union men can be employed
  9. Clout
  10. Don't Change Horses
    an administration urging voters to return the administration to power for a second term
  11. Dyed in the Wool
    description of an all-out partisan- usually used to describe Democrats
  12. Eunuch Rule
    state law prohibiting an elected official from succeeding themselves except after a lapse of time
  13. Feet to the Fire
    pressuring a politician to make good on his commitment
  14. On the Fence
  15. Firestorm
    sudden public outcry over an issue
  16. Foot-in-Mouth Disease
    tendency to blunder when ad-libbing
  17. Grease
  18. Great Unwashed
    unflattering description of the lower classes
  19. John Q. Public
    the mythical average American
  20. Kangaroo Ticket
    presidential ticket in which the vice president is more popular than the president
  21. Lame Duck
    an officeholder whose power is diminished because they will soon leave office
  22. Play in Peoria
    will the comman man (Middle American) understand/ accept it
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